December’s Supermoon Is Coming To Town!

You better start crying…you better start pouting…I’m gonna tell you why! Santa Claus is not coming to town. A supermoon is scheduled to throw on its cape and clog the sky on December 13, 2016. But that’s not all. Space is the gift that keeps on giving—the Geminid meteor shower will also peak on DecemberContinue reading “December’s Supermoon Is Coming To Town!”

Hunter’s Supermoon 2016

Did you notice something really strange a few nights ago? Perhaps it felt like something was staring at you…perhaps the air was a little colder than usual. There may have been a faint laughter in the air, but perhaps it was just your imagination…or was it really a witch joyriding a broomstick? I’ll leave that upContinue reading “Hunter’s Supermoon 2016”

Bow Down to the Almighty Supermoon!!!

Well? Aren’t you slacked jawed in complete awe? Look at that HUGE moon! Damn! I have never seen our nearest worldly satellite so big! Ha! What a bunch of crapola! You don’t believe the supermoon hype, do ya? Sadly, there’s nothing too special about 7/11/2014’s full moon. Sure, sure—lunar perigee happens to occur when itContinue reading “Bow Down to the Almighty Supermoon!!!”