Halloween 2022: Fun-sized Variety Pack

A tiny devil desecrated my neighbor’s tree with toilet paper…it must be Halloween. Stay away from vampires smoking cigarettes in the local graveyard. Trust me. You now have an excuse to cover your head with a bedsheet and nobody can judge you. Boo. This fun-sized variety pack contains photographs, short story snippets, poetry, and aContinue reading “Halloween 2022: Fun-sized Variety Pack”

Still Here

My neighbor’s dog wasn’t eating cicadas—it was eating…something else. I don’t remember going outside. Videographic data proves my senses are still grasped upon the fine edge of reality, because the sky appears not to be playing by the same old rules. What the hell do I know about such things? Decide for yourself. How muchContinue reading “Still Here”

Nocturnal Nightmares: Chapter 2

  You retreated into the woods, and your friend is probably dead. The squishy stuff on your shoes could be blood, mud or both. The woods never tell their secrets. Alone. Lost. Hopeless. Find a way to survive until morning, or nocturnal nightmares shall forever keep you awake at night.     Sometimes making aContinue reading “Nocturnal Nightmares: Chapter 2”

Nocturnal Nightmares: Chapter 1

  Fate is in your hands—wrap a leash around the neck of destiny—because you’re making the decisions around here. “You Choose the Adventure” puts you in control. Yes. You. Get behind the imaginary wheel and navigate these dynamic stories. Each chapter gives the reader three mind-busting choices: cast a vote and impart your influence uponContinue reading “Nocturnal Nightmares: Chapter 1”

Short Story: Bobby’s Organic Maple Syrup

  Spider fangs glitter as they twitch inside a dead locust. Red goo drips from the tree’s open wound, while a sticky ruby river slithers down the dry bark. Sugary sanguine droplets cling to a twig as a windy whisper ripples along the gooey spherical surface. The droplets shiver and then descend upon the spider—eightContinue reading “Short Story: Bobby’s Organic Maple Syrup”

Short Story: Drain the Brain

    A candle flame shivers as an uninvited wintry gale rattles the frigid window. The icy landscape on the silvery surface melts and flows like tears. Feral fire rages inside a prison of bricks—incinerated logs crackle and spits sparks into the living quarters. “Do you think Rupert will survive the night, Fabricio?” Giles SaysContinue reading “Short Story: Drain the Brain”

Short Story: Be Careful What You Wish For

  Aqua green waves roll across an uninhabited sandy shore. “This is not fair. How come we didn’t die? Huh? It’s been, like, what? Five days? Our plane crashed and no one knows where the hell we are. How is that possible, Mitch?” Mitch squints his dry eyes toward the watery horizon. “Damned if IContinue reading “Short Story: Be Careful What You Wish For”

Short Story: A Dead Person lives Inside My Dream

  Do you believe in ghosts? Yeah…I used to be just like you. There are stories about demonic spirits that refuse to see the light, but I never believed any of that fantastical bullshit. I stepped on plenty of ants. Yup, I sure did. My foot may as well have been the hand that flippedContinue reading “Short Story: A Dead Person lives Inside My Dream”

Something Smells!!!

Wait…hold on…do you smell that? Inhale at your own risk—never scratch and sniff—this Scatterbrain fragment will invade your nasal cavity and forever haunt the bits of sanity seeking refuge within the inaccessible parts of your mind. Something Smells!!! Rosemary bends over and stink her nose inside a yellow daffodil’s open mouth. “Do you smell that?Continue reading “Something Smells!!!”

Don’t Eat The Steak!!!

  Don’t Eat The Steak!!!   Herbert was born on March 25, 2014. His mother died 20 minutes later. Within just a few years, Herbert grew to be the most respected bovine on Newbury Farm. Plenty of weight…no sign of sickness or disease…destined for the slaughterhouse. A few more years later, the respected bovine grazesContinue reading “Don’t Eat The Steak!!!”