Self-help Tactics: Nowhere to Run

You’re fed up and can’t take it anymore. You packed your bags. Don’t have time to say goodbye. That’s all fine and dandy, however, there’s just one problem—you’re carrying to much baggage, and it’s not your lovely suitcases, either. The baggage is tucked deep inside your dark soul. Do you think your environment is theContinue reading “Self-help Tactics: Nowhere to Run”

Self-help Tactics: Tie Your Shoes

  Watch out! You’re gonna fall flat on your nose, and it’s because you neglected to tie your fashionable Reeboks. Cruddy shoelaces flapping all over the concrete—one wrong step and you’ll topple like a Jenga tower, my wobbly friend. We often take our shoes for granted, however, rubbery soles keep us connected to planet Earth.Continue reading “Self-help Tactics: Tie Your Shoes”

Self-help Tactics: Open Your Window

  Is it dark in here, or is it just me? Your dank room is stuffy and it also smells like a rotten skunk. Pee-ew. Do you have an extra clothespin? I’m gonna have to pinch my nostrils shut. Thank you. A dark room demotivates our soul, and also casts an intrusive shadow on ourContinue reading “Self-help Tactics: Open Your Window”

Self-help Tactics: Shutoff Your Brain

  Sometimes our big brain gets in the way of our transcendence. We may feel like doing something but our crummy thoughts derail our motivation. Past experience anchor us in place—convincing us to never try something new. Shame. Regret. Fear. Pick your poison. Our brain can be our best friend or our worst nemesis. OurContinue reading “Self-help Tactics: Shutoff Your Brain”

Self-help Tactics: Way of the Astronaut

  Oh no! You’re about to crash into the mouth of a mysterious crater. Altitude is dropping, and your fancy spacecraft is skimming across jagged mountains. Something really, really bad is going to happen. The mission rests on the shoulders of your big brain, if you fail, everyone fails. What are gonna do? There’s noContinue reading “Self-help Tactics: Way of the Astronaut”

Self-help Tactics: Way of the Warrior

  There’s nothing more sad than aimless souls. No direction. No courage. No dedication. Aimless souls drift from one moment to the next—a limited perspective that shuns them from true enlightenment. All of use participate in a battle, from the moment we open our eyes, to the moment we close our eyes. The battle isContinue reading “Self-help Tactics: Way of the Warrior”

Self-help Tactics: Stay Pissed

  Anger is the only alarm clock you need, and it doesn’t have a snooze button. The alarm clock which sits by you bed is forever motivated to ring, but it’s not your motivation. You hate it when that annoying clock tell you when to wake-up, that’s why the snooze buttons exists, right? Punch theContinue reading “Self-help Tactics: Stay Pissed”

Self-Help Tactics: Are You a Chained Elephant?

  Limitations and self-doubt are stronger than steel. Each limitation adds a link to the metal chain: I’m too stupid…I’m not good enough…everyone is better than me…you’ll never make it. Chain-links keep you wrapped around a limited ideal of who you are, or what you want to achieve. Some of the chain-links have been forgedContinue reading “Self-Help Tactics: Are You a Chained Elephant?”

Are You In A Piss-Poor Mood?

This is how the scientific community defines a ‘piss-poor mood’: an individual infected with a nonsensical, or emotionally volatile attachment to unjustified anger or hate. Hey! Wanna see if you’re in a piss-poor mood? Step right up, and take this simple test. Don’t be shy. No judgments. Your stomach tingles every morning, and not inContinue reading “Are You In A Piss-Poor Mood?”