Astrophotography: The Blue Hour

  Every educated photographer on planet Earth is familiar with the Golden Hour. Shhh…come a little closer…I’m gonna whisper a top secret in your ear…just kidding! I’m gonna tell you a secret but forgive me if I don’t whisper in your ear (you’ll have to pay me extra). The golden hour gets all the hype,Continue reading “Astrophotography: The Blue Hour”

I’m Seeing Double…Rainbows!

Storms are known to rain down all sorts of atmospheric goodies: hail, lightning, snow…ummm…rain. And rainbows. Two of them. Apparently.   Paula Graham kept her eye on the sky and witnessed something that would cause an average mortal’s cranium to crack open while their brain explodes into gooey globules.

Shooting for the Stars: Orion Epic II ED 18mm Eyepiece

For awhile now, I been in the mood to up-grade my 25mm plossl eyepiece. But my heart is now broken! You see, I plan on hunting for globular clusters as summer begins to constrict its sweaty palms around New England. As I was strolling through the grocery store, I happened to turn my head andContinue reading “Shooting for the Stars: Orion Epic II ED 18mm Eyepiece”

Orange…Fat…Oh! You Mean Betelgeuse!

One of the first stars I’ve become acquainted with in the night sky is the red supergiant Betelgeuse, featured as the orange star centered in the image above. Located on Orion’s left shoulder, its amber glow bleeds into blackened emptiness. Betelgeuse is one of those stars I remember seeing when I was younger, but atContinue reading “Orange…Fat…Oh! You Mean Betelgeuse!”