Talkin’ Smack: Bad Words/Potty Mouth

  Foul vowels misbehavin’, nothing but attention cravin’. Go on. Put ’em in timeout. Punish. Shout. Open the box. Given ’em a broken crayon, prove the plan is nothing but a colorful sham. If outta their brain flows verbal crap, Make ’em sit in the dark corner…wear a fuckin’ dunce cap. Don’t ya know swearingContinue reading “Talkin’ Smack: Bad Words/Potty Mouth”

Nicolenya Caltman: Romancing The Moon

  Put on your spacesuit and get ready to explore the Moon. Nicolenya Caltman published a new paperback book: Romancing The Moon. Filled with artistic photographs and visceral poetry which burns brighter than a cosmic furnace. Nicolenya Caltman’s latest creative endeavor fills the cold void, while enlightening your mind, heart, and soul. Fickle crushes areContinue reading “Nicolenya Caltman: Romancing The Moon”

Poetry Absurdity: Superhero

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!…hey!…slow down! Guess what? Did you know the universe almost exploded? It’s true! The newspaper explains it all!…a degenerated superhero…a brilliant mad scientist…what do you say? Wanna buy a newspaper? Read all about it! A superhero rises from a stained couch. Outside the window… graffiti… garbage… pollution. Someone dies… …someoneContinue reading “Poetry Absurdity: Superhero”

Poetry Absurdity: Dump Truck Blues

Blazin’ down the street, Sunshine in my eyes, Pedal to the metal, The world is passing me by! Around the corner. Something large, Something big, I have no luck, It’s a fuckin’ dump truck! Ridin’ the break. I’m goin’ nowhere fast. …Stop…go…crawl…stop…go…crawl… …I’ll never make it to the damn mall. The sweet smell of pollution.Continue reading “Poetry Absurdity: Dump Truck Blues”