Double Scoop of a Double Star

What would you do if I strolled out of the shadows, tapped you on the shoulder, and whispered in your ear: Psst…Did you know you can see a double star system with your very own eyes? No optical aid required. Besides turning around and socking me in the eye for scaring the hell out ofContinue reading “Double Scoop of a Double Star”

Bow Down to the Almighty Supermoon!!!

Well? Aren’t you slacked jawed in complete awe? Look at that HUGE moon! Damn! I have never seen our nearest worldly satellite so big! Ha! What a bunch of crapola! You don’t believe the supermoon hype, do ya? Sadly, there’s nothing too special about 7/11/2014’s full moon. Sure, sure—lunar perigee happens to occur when itContinue reading “Bow Down to the Almighty Supermoon!!!”

Everybody Loves Vega

There’s more to summer than sweaty buttcracks and fear inducing ice cream trucks! This sunny season also graffitied the sky with a different stellar wallpaper, which I have never been a fan of. Orion, Taurus, Gemini—they’re finished clogging the night-time canvas (at least until next winter). I’ve mentioned that I was going on a globularContinue reading “Everybody Loves Vega”

Skateboarding into My Past

  Yes! I exhumed a skateboard from the trunk of my car.  Let this be known: I haven’t stepped on a skateboard in a very long time. No, before you ask, I came away from this experience unharmed. I didn’t slip and bruise my ass, which I expected to happen at least once. I’ve beenContinue reading “Skateboarding into My Past”