Profound Pondering: Immortality

  Here’s a question I’m sure we all asked ourselves: Do I want to live forever? …Well? Do you? Personally, I never had an issue with this question. Of course I want to live forever! Duh—sort of a no brainer—don’t you think? Jeez. I mean, why not? Right? Think about all the things you canContinue reading “Profound Pondering: Immortality”

Profound Podering: Would You Rather be Strong or Fast?

  Are you ready for another brain-busting question: Would you rather be strong or fast? To be clear, when I say strong, I mean really strong. Buff as hell. Strong enough to bicep curl a hippopotamus. Same thing with being fast—I’m talking about really fast—laying strips of rubber as you sprint around this ball ofContinue reading “Profound Podering: Would You Rather be Strong or Fast?”

Anchored to Earth: Mars is a Hellhole

Red is Dead   Mars is a rocky husk of its former self: dusty, rusty,cold, void of liquid water on surface…did I mention dusty? The question is: Why the hell would anyone want to go frolicking on top a rock like that? Sure, at some point in Martian history, it would have been worth expendingContinue reading “Anchored to Earth: Mars is a Hellhole”

The Element of Expression

  What does it take to forge respectable work? When we admire a masterpiece, we’re blinded by its shine: a timeless novel, an immortal painting, a haunted symphony—these creations resonate forever. It seems to be one of the greatest mysteries how a piece of expression can be forged into gold.   Are creative blacksmiths lucky?Continue reading “The Element of Expression”

Profound Pondering: Would You Rather be Smart or Lucky?

  Hey! Here’s a brain-busting question: Would you rather be smart or lucky? The answer is obvious—it’s better to be smart. An intellectually gifted individual can make their own luck, right? But that doesn’t make sense if you actually think about what I just said. Luck isn’t something you simply make, right? No, no, no!Continue reading “Profound Pondering: Would You Rather be Smart or Lucky?”

Open Letter: America Stop Being A Pussy!

Better strap yourselves in for this one boys and gals; it’s going to be a long and bumpy ride. There’s an ongoing trend in America—blame everyone else for your problems. This ever-growing pussification happening in the states (first observed by George Carlin) is an avalanche I fear is never going to stop. This…wussness is inflictingContinue reading “Open Letter: America Stop Being A Pussy!”