Celestial Toolbox: Orion Highlight 40mm Eyepiece

 **DISCLAIMER: Item currently discontinued** If there’s one eyepiece I’ll never regret purchasing—it’s the Orion Highlight 40mm. Everything from the mechanical construction, to the performance, to the rigid sex appeal, oh yeah, you want this eyepiece, don’t you? And you can have it! For about $40. If you’re lucky. The original price is well worth whatContinue reading “Celestial Toolbox: Orion Highlight 40mm Eyepiece”

Shooting for the Stars: Orion Epic II ED 18mm Eyepiece

For awhile now, I been in the mood to up-grade my 25mm plossl eyepiece. But my heart is now broken! You see, I plan on hunting for globular clusters as summer begins to constrict its sweaty palms around New England. As I was strolling through the grocery store, I happened to turn my head andContinue reading “Shooting for the Stars: Orion Epic II ED 18mm Eyepiece”