Moon Photography: Focal Length Comparison

  When it comes to imaging the moon—size matters. Puny lenses may not cut it. Focal length greatly influences how much the Moon will fill the camera’s sensor. All images taken with a Canon Rebel XSi and the following lenses / telescopes:   Canon EF 18-55 Zoom Lens Canon EF 50mm Macro Lens Canon EFContinue reading “Moon Photography: Focal Length Comparison”

Bizarre Star: The Winking Demon

  I felt the unmistakable pressure of being watched.   A glimmering eye leered down—the shimmer of eternal turmoil. I found myself in the demon’s gaze, its chromatic pupil shivered against a restless atmosphere. The demon in the sky is fickle with its dull luminescence. It grew weak against the night, only to refurbish itsContinue reading “Bizarre Star: The Winking Demon”

Ephemerally Fleeting Moments

Moments never last; a sunset that bleeds gives way to the night. Happiness or clouds— both are swept away by wind or emotion. Sometimes all we’re left with is a memory. If we’re fortunate; a photograph. All around us short-lived events wilt away. So many…it’s difficult to express, or admire them all. I suppose youContinue reading “Ephemerally Fleeting Moments”