Moon Mysteries: Lunar Cave

For at least 4.51 billion years—the Moon’s rocky face has been jabbed and whacked by rude asteroids. The history of violent events is forever recorded on the lunar landscape. Mountainous scars create a strange landscape, and mysteries are tucked inside cold shadows. We often take the Moon for granted or forgot that it’s a worldContinue reading “Moon Mysteries: Lunar Cave”

Nicolenya Caltman: Romancing The Moon

  Put on your spacesuit and get ready to explore the Moon. Nicolenya Caltman published a new paperback book: Romancing The Moon. Filled with artistic photographs and visceral poetry which burns brighter than a cosmic furnace. Nicolenya Caltman’s latest creative endeavor fills the cold void, while enlightening your mind, heart, and soul. Fickle crushes areContinue reading “Nicolenya Caltman: Romancing The Moon”

2018 Backyard Astronomy Events: Conjunction, Partial Solar Eclipse, Meteor Showers & More

Put on your space helmet and let’s explore the night sky. A variety of astronomical wonders can be observed during 2018. Host your own meteor shower party, or schedule some time to photograph an astronomical conjunction. Mars is also getting ready to wage war—do you have what it takes to survive the battle? Arm yourselfContinue reading “2018 Backyard Astronomy Events: Conjunction, Partial Solar Eclipse, Meteor Showers & More”

Bloody Lunacy: How To Survive The 2018 Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

Prepare for a cosmic calamity—on January 31, 2018—a rare lunar eclipse will cause the world to explode into a million pieces. Just kidding. Do you want to see the 2018 Blue Blood Supermoon eclipse? Well, you better sip some coffee before the birds start chirping, because If you live on the east coast of the UnitedContinue reading “Bloody Lunacy: How To Survive The 2018 Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse”

Don’t Worry! The Moon Is Just Going Through A Gibbous Phase

Earth’s Moon has quite the attitude, but don’t worry! It’s just going through a phase. Teenage astronomical objects can be unpredictable and very moody. The Moon is at least 4.53 billion years old, but that doesn’t stop it from having 8 unique phases, which means the Moon probably has a personality disorder. Try not toContinue reading “Don’t Worry! The Moon Is Just Going Through A Gibbous Phase”

December’s Supermoon Is Coming To Town!

You better start crying…you better start pouting…I’m gonna tell you why! Santa Claus is not coming to town. A supermoon is scheduled to throw on its cape and clog the sky on December 13, 2016. But that’s not all. Space is the gift that keeps on giving—the Geminid meteor shower will also peak on DecemberContinue reading “December’s Supermoon Is Coming To Town!”

Keyfra Reveals Evil Side Of Nature

Are you in the mood to see something spooky? Halloween is over, but that doesn’t we can’t resurrect the evil holiday spirit. Keyfra Photography kept her eye on the sky and photographed a cratered world—the Moon. Earthly haze smothered the damaged celestial orb and silhouetted trees veiled the night sky. Keyfra discovered a cosmic windowContinue reading “Keyfra Reveals Evil Side Of Nature”

Hunter’s Supermoon 2016

Did you notice something really strange a few nights ago? Perhaps it felt like something was staring at you…perhaps the air was a little colder than usual. There may have been a faint laughter in the air, but perhaps it was just your imagination…or was it really a witch joyriding a broomstick? I’ll leave that upContinue reading “Hunter’s Supermoon 2016”

Crescent Moon In The Water

Are you in the mood to watch something romantic? Light some candles, turn off those lights, and sit in front of your computer monitor—it’s about to get a little hot in here. Just kidding! Ha. Come on. You should see the look on your face. Anyway… Have you ever seen a crescent Moon in theContinue reading “Crescent Moon In The Water”

Sizzling Summer Solstice Full Moon

Is it getting hot in here or is just me? Summer’s fuse officially lit on June 20, 2016 (22:34 UTC), which sparked the beginning of a sweltering season. The Sun blazed above the equator, granting northern Earthlings the longest day of the year. But the sky was a little loony—an astronomically rare full Moon brokeContinue reading “Sizzling Summer Solstice Full Moon”