Mars Is The Worst Planet In The Solar System

Mars sucks and everyone knows it. Pack your lunch and straddle your favorite bottle rocket—we’re gonna blastoff to the Red Planet! The solar system is full of cosmic losers…pieces of rock, metal, and ice that failed to become respectably spherical. Let’s explore five more red reasons why Mars sucks the celestial big one. 1. MarsContinue reading “Mars Is The Worst Planet In The Solar System”

Anchored to Earth: Mars is a Hellhole

Red is Dead   Mars is a rocky husk of its former self: dusty, rusty,cold, void of liquid water on surface…did I mention dusty? The question is: Why the hell would anyone want to go frolicking on top a rock like that? Sure, at some point in Martian history, it would have been worth expendingContinue reading “Anchored to Earth: Mars is a Hellhole”