Infinitesimal Reality: Frozen Spring

  A prophetic groundhog predicted this would happen. Spring sprouted on March 20, 2018, but winter refuses to melt. Unusual snowstorms are scheduled to disrupt people’s lives. Put on your earmuffs and coat—let’s shrink our perspective and take a closer look at itty-bitty pieces of cold reality. Our last investigation examined melting snow sculptures. We alsoContinue reading “Infinitesimal Reality: Frozen Spring”

Infinitesimal Reality: Winter is Melting

    Winter’s cold grasp is starting to get warm. Let’s shrink our perspective and take a closer look at melting snow sculptures—crafted by the chromatic edge of sunlight. We all have seen fluffy white stuff descend from moody clouds. Now it’s time to witness the demise of a frigid season. If you’re expecting toContinue reading “Infinitesimal Reality: Winter is Melting”

Infinitesimal Reality: Frosty Forest

  Brrr! Put on your cozy earmuffs and get ready to shiver—we’re going on an itsy-bitsy expedition. No need to worry about icebergs or polar bears, because they don’t fit inside an infinitesimal reality. Shrink real low and let’s explore a frosty forest. Tiny, cold and delicate—frost sprouts like frigid saplings. A glass window becomesContinue reading “Infinitesimal Reality: Frosty Forest”

Tiny Things You’ll Never Notice In Your Lifetime

Size is matter of perspective. Small objects may seem large if observed through a different pair of eyes. How long would it take you to stroll across a field? Forget the fact that you possibility “ran” a 25 minute mile in gym class, or the fact that the teacher would have needed a sundial toContinue reading “Tiny Things You’ll Never Notice In Your Lifetime”

Put On Your Coat Before You Read This Post

Brrr! It’s a winter wonderland out there. A mysterious substance thrives in cold temperatures—frost. Oh, you heard of it, right? The stuff you have to scrape off your car windshield every damn morning (if you happen to be an unlucky individual). Frost is often ignored, and for good reason. Why would any sane person wantContinue reading “Put On Your Coat Before You Read This Post”

The Stuff Sparkles Are Made Of

Have you ever picked up a fancy holiday relic, and then discovered that your hands are covered in sparkly shit? You know…those itsy-bitsy shiny particles. Yeah. Those things. You can blow, rub, wipe, smear—it doesn’t matter! Glitter has a great reputation of pissing people off. Think about it. How many times have you looked down andContinue reading “The Stuff Sparkles Are Made Of”

Flower Murder Mystery: Blood Stained Petal

** Special Report **  A gruesome scene was discovered on February 16, 2015. Approximately at 2:36pm—an unidentified pedestrian notified authorities of a possible homicide. Police arrived at the scene and concluded the following: a flowery white carpet was stained with blood. The body was possibly dragged to a different location. No weapon was recovered. ForContinue reading “Flower Murder Mystery: Blood Stained Petal”

Infinitesimal Reality: Stained Leaf Window

The microcosm contains gargantuan worlds. There are imperceptible realities all around us. We are blinded by our own worries or goals: what am I going to eat? Who am I going to marry? Am I making enough money? Will I be fired? Is my wife fucking the gardener? These questions and concerns infect everybody. There’s onlyContinue reading “Infinitesimal Reality: Stained Leaf Window”

Infinitesimal Reality: City on the Leaf

There are hidden worlds all around us. You stomp on subtle universes all day long, and never realize it. The belly of a raindrop…frost pillars…flower teeth… …Is the reality of a dewdrop any less significant than yours? Hmmm…. Take a look at this: What do you see? Never-mind what it is. What does it lookContinue reading “Infinitesimal Reality: City on the Leaf”