Apples & Snickers: Sugar is Sugar

Eating healthy used to be simple, just stuff your mouth full of fruits or vegetables. The definition of “healthy eating” has been placed upon a greasy grill and burnt to a crisp. Delicious. A smart egghead says to eat this, while someone wearing a white lab coat says to eat that—who are we supposed toContinue reading “Apples & Snickers: Sugar is Sugar”

Saltless Saltines Suck

Hunger led me on a short leash to the kitchen a few days ago. I opened the cabinets and what did I see? A box of saltines! Opening the cardboard sarcophagus and retrieving one of the four plastic spires-I split it open, ignoring the first few that are busted. I get to chewing on aContinue reading “Saltless Saltines Suck”