No Money Astronomy: The Planets

Look! Your piggy bank is gorging itself on coins! You’ll soon have enough pennies to buy yourself a delicious chocolate chip muffin! Yesssssss!!!!! We’re still hitchhiking along the cosmic highway and haven’t cracked open our wallet or purse. We learned how to locate stars, identify constellations, and observe the moon—all for free! Did you knowContinue reading “No Money Astronomy: The Planets”

No Money Astronomy: The Moon

Hey! Is that a bulging wallet in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? I don’t mean to embarrass you! I’m sure it’s both. The last time we met— I proved that the constellations don’t have a cosmic price-tag: time, dedication, and consistency is all that’s needed—to learn about celestial characters ofContinue reading “No Money Astronomy: The Moon”

Drunk Journal: Entry 3

I’m legitimately drunk. There’s no hiding it, denying it, arguing it—yeah—I’m certifiably hammered. I can barely feel my fingers glide over the keyboard, but that’s okay. I’ll manage. Hopefully. Explosions still rattle the sky, but it’s still cloudy. No sense in going outside. Not me. The clouds are still out there and I have absolutelyContinue reading “Drunk Journal: Entry 3”

Profound Pondering: The Journey of Destination

    What kind of person are you? Do you care about the destination? Or the journey?   “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ― Ernest Hemingway   I don’t know about you, but I’m a destination kind of person. IfContinue reading “Profound Pondering: The Journey of Destination”

Never Fear! Deneb is Here!

If you were to go outside past midnight (EST) on a summer’s eve and crank your eyes to the sky—what would you see? Yup, you’d see stars, but don’t be a smart ass! I’m referring to a peculiar star known as Deneb in the Constellation Cygnus. **AHEM** allow me to put on my wizard hatContinue reading “Never Fear! Deneb is Here!”

Hungry? Stuff Your Mouth with Mouth Stuffers!

Hey, you. Yes — you! Are you feeling tired? Lethargic? Don’t have that energy like you use to? Don’t put up with that any longer! FlyTrapMan’s Mouth Stuffers are the perfect solution to this problem! Made from natural and artificial ingredients, it provides you that sought after spark needed to get through the day! WhatContinue reading “Hungry? Stuff Your Mouth with Mouth Stuffers!”

Open Letter: America Stop Being A Pussy!

Better strap yourselves in for this one boys and gals; it’s going to be a long and bumpy ride. There’s an ongoing trend in America—blame everyone else for your problems. This ever-growing pussification happening in the states (first observed by George Carlin) is an avalanche I fear is never going to stop. This…wussness is inflictingContinue reading “Open Letter: America Stop Being A Pussy!”

Holiday Telescope Survival Guide

  The holidays are nearly here. Prismatic bulbs are strung on porches. The radio is saturated with festive tunes. Do you plan on purchasing a telescope? Wait! put down the eggnog! Read this article and prevent yourself from being ripped off this holiday season.   Avoid Stores With Polished Floors & Sliding Doors   YouContinue reading “Holiday Telescope Survival Guide”