Monster Theory: Animal Nightmare

(Originally published at Horror slices and dices a helpless victim’s meek sensibilities, or sinks its pointy claws into your supple psyche. Horror is a shapeshifter, and each form expresses dark aspects which are unique to the vision or style. Sometimes the fright is jackhammered into your soft brain, while other times it crawls throughContinue reading “Monster Theory: Animal Nightmare”

Slasher Theory: More Monstrous Than Monsters

(Originally published at What is a monster? You know it when you see it, right? Fangs…claws…wings—horrific entities that extract fear out of helpless humans. Anyone can see the demon behind the horns, but what about the demon behind the smile? They say people are the scariest of all monsters. Unassuming citizens can slip pastContinue reading “Slasher Theory: More Monstrous Than Monsters”

Fearology: Paradox of Mortality

(Originally published at Fear is a biological mechanism which can either kill or save you. All of us are scared of something, however, some people are either paralyzed by fear or motivated to wrestle the hungry polar bear. If a Mack Truck is blazing a path of hell down the street, and you soContinue reading “Fearology: Paradox of Mortality”

Fearology: The Frailty of Flesh

(Originally published at We’re just like flowers—painful circumstance is the foot which crushes our petals. People often forget how vulnerable they are. Many of us hop inside the cockpit of our car and fly down the street…forgetting that metal and humans don’t mix very well. A dull knife can pop our soft body likeContinue reading “Fearology: The Frailty of Flesh”

Fearology: Scared to be Alive

(Originally published at When the Sun goes to sleep—imaginary monsters wake up. Secretive abominations hide underneath our beds, while Boogeymen stalk the unseen corners of our closet. Nocturnal furry things live in the woods, and their territory is just beyond your cozy bed. A wall separates you from the wild unknown and that’s whyContinue reading “Fearology: Scared to be Alive”

Elon Musk Launched a Sports Car Into Space

Are you ready to break the speed limit? Put on your seatbelt and let’s go to Mars. SpaceX recently tested their new Falcon Heavy rocket, however, launching a new rocket wasn’t enough. Elon Musk topped the technological sundae with an expensive cherry—a red Tesla 2008 Roadster. Because that’s what smart people do.     Falcon HeavyContinue reading “Elon Musk Launched a Sports Car Into Space”

Secret Photography: Filters and Prime Focus

  Wait, wait! Sit down! The magic show is not over! I still have some tricks up my sleeve, so sit back, relax—and prepare to be flabbergasted. My last trick involved an unthinkable way of using a Barlow lens for prime focus photography. You’d think there’s nothing more that could be done, well, if youContinue reading “Secret Photography: Filters and Prime Focus”

Where Are All the Laser Guns and Flying Cars?

  The future sucks. I’m 30 years old and don’t own a hoverboard, laser gun, flying car, teleportation device—or any of that cool shit. Everyone should own a laser gun by now. What the hell? I own a few swords, but give me a break! Those were invented…many years ago. I’m not talking about aContinue reading “Where Are All the Laser Guns and Flying Cars?”

Shooting for the Stars: Canon EF 18-55 Zoom Lens (Part 2)

I mentioned that I was going to write about this particular lens again, but never committed myself. Until now. Prepare thyself! Grab your Canon EF 18-55 zoom lens—I’ll meet you outside. I don’t want to simply repeat myself, so I’ll try to keep this article as fresh as possible. I’ll go over a few basics,Continue reading “Shooting for the Stars: Canon EF 18-55 Zoom Lens (Part 2)”