Mysterious Blue Moon Photographed!!!!!!!!

Did you get a chance to see the blue moon? (July 31, 2015) No? You missed out on something absolutely incredible! A blue moon is indescribably rare—in fact—it’s one of the most rare astronomical phenomenon in the entire universe! Every 700 years, gravitational perturbations cause the moon’s orbit to become highly elliptical, resulting in aContinue reading “Mysterious Blue Moon Photographed!!!!!!!!”

The Element of Expression

  What does it take to forge respectable work? When we admire a masterpiece, we’re blinded by its shine: a timeless novel, an immortal painting, a haunted symphony—these creations resonate forever. It seems to be one of the greatest mysteries how a piece of expression can be forged into gold.   Are creative blacksmiths lucky?Continue reading “The Element of Expression”