Shooting for the Stars: Orion Apex 102mm

  What if I told you it is possible to own a telescope that can fit in your pocket? Figuratively speaking (unless you have a big-ass pocket). I’m not talkin’ about some plastic sculpture in the shape of a telescope you can purchase at Toys “R” Us with your lunch money. I’m talking about theContinue reading “Shooting for the Stars: Orion Apex 102mm”

Light Pollution: Why You Should Hate It

The War Outside I step outside into the world and a curtain of orange veiling the night sky. The constant assault from a sodium vapor platoon drown the universe, blinding my desire to glimpse past the rusted veil. It’s a war between mankind’s obsession with eradicating the dark and the faint light of the cosmosContinue reading “Light Pollution: Why You Should Hate It”

How To Buy A Telescope: Part 2

A Clear And Cosmic Future   Now that you made the decision to purchase a telescope—it’s time to consider your objective. What do you expect to get out of your experience? Do you feel like perusing the lunar terrain? Taking a peek at gaseous giants? Exploring the Milky Way? Splitting double-stars? Spying on spirals? PerhapsContinue reading “How To Buy A Telescope: Part 2”

How To Tell The Difference Between a Star And a Planet

A Shining Imposter   Not every point of light in the night sky is a star. Sure. Some colorful points of lights are airplanes. Yeah. We all know that. But did you know it’s possible to see siblings of our solar system? Yes—it’s really possible to see planets. Twinkle, twinkle little star…blah blah blah…you knowContinue reading “How To Tell The Difference Between a Star And a Planet”