Shooting for the Stars: Canon EF 75-300mm Zoom Lens

Fall in line, trooper! Are you going to cry? Or is that the stellar glimmer of hope shining within your squinting eye? Tuck in your shirt, stand up straight and grab your standard issue Canon EF 75-300mm zoom lens! I’ll see you on the training grounds. Canon’s EF 75-300mm is a popular lens of choiceContinue reading “Shooting for the Stars: Canon EF 75-300mm Zoom Lens”

Astrophotography: The Skyglow Blues

  When you look outside at night…what do you see? A rusted sky? Perhaps a gang of street lamps…loitering at the end of the block…smoking cigarettes or drinking beers… Many of us no longer have the luxury of being able to bask under a truly dark sky. It’s heartbreaking. Sodium vapor street lamps tarnish theContinue reading “Astrophotography: The Skyglow Blues”

Shooting for the Sun: A Perspective on Solar Photography

    Do you want to know how to photograph the sun? Unlike imaging the moon or the soft glow of celestial specters—special precautions need to be taken—so you don’t set your eyes on fire. Here’s a quick list of everything you’ll need: Common Sense A Glass Solar Filter A Telescope T-Ring Adapter (for specificContinue reading “Shooting for the Sun: A Perspective on Solar Photography”

Lunar Photography Secrets: Full Moon

  Acolytes of the Lunar Lunacy Congregation are bestowed with ancient  wisdom: the art of how to photograph the moon. Coveted knowledge has been collected over the centuries and scribbled onto delicate scrolls, banishing the shadows of ignorance upon those who practice the time-tested lunar photographic techniques. Your initiation has begun—put on your black robe.Continue reading “Lunar Photography Secrets: Full Moon”