Cyborg Gorilla From Hell

What’s buzzin’, flies? I apologize for my absence. Just kidding. You should see the look on your face! I know you missed me, but let’s go ahead and calm down. Take an easy. Slow your roll. Hey! I’m going to announce something semi-major relatively soon, and… …I forgot what I was going to write next.Continue reading “Cyborg Gorilla From Hell”

No Money Astronomy: Wonder

Soooo…what have you been doing with your massive monetary savings?…ummm…you don’t mind loaning me a few shekels, right?…What? Oh! I see! I get it…you didn’t think anyone would notice those new Oakleys wrapped around your face? Come on…just a few shekels!…I’ll pay you back!…I promise! Amateur astronomy is known to bankrupt mere mortals. We haven’tContinue reading “No Money Astronomy: Wonder”