Lunar Corona Manifestation

There’s something wrong with the Moon…or did you accidentally eat something magical? Again? Hypnotic rings of loony illumination can only be caused by mushrooms ice or other atmospheric particles that manipulate lunar light (on a quantum level). A lunar corona can manifest out of nowhere, and then vanish…only to reappear a minute later. Spooky.  Continue reading “Lunar Corona Manifestation”

Loony Lunar Light Luminescence

☠ Don’t worry! You didn’t accidentally nibble on a psychedelic mushroom!…I think. Paula Graham kept her eye on the sky and a chromatic lunar light show exploded out of nowhere like a Pink Floyd concert. Concentric colored rings hooped around the moon: rainbow hues of red, green, purple and blue. Kaleidoscopic atmospheric phenomenon is notContinue reading “Loony Lunar Light Luminescence”

No Money Astronomy: The Moon

Hey! Is that a bulging wallet in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? I don’t mean to embarrass you! I’m sure it’s both. The last time we met— I proved that the constellations don’t have a cosmic price-tag: time, dedication, and consistency is all that’s needed—to learn about celestial characters ofContinue reading “No Money Astronomy: The Moon”