Halloween 2022: Fun-sized Variety Pack

A tiny devil desecrated my neighbor’s tree with toilet paper…it must be Halloween. Stay away from vampires smoking cigarettes in the local graveyard. Trust me. You now have an excuse to cover your head with a bedsheet and nobody can judge you. Boo.

This fun-sized variety pack contains photographs, short story snippets, poetry, and a video clip.

(Don’t wolf down the whole bag or something bad’s gonna happen)

Sink your fangs into this treat filled with words. The original short story won’t fit inside this post. I sliced, chopped, and diced the narrative, but it’s still too damn chunky. However, at the risk of being an asshole, I can’t reveal too much, because it would defeat the purpose of reading the story. Hell, I shouldn’t even share this much. Oh well. Too late.

Bird Brain

(Short Story Excerpt)

I drop his smoldering filter inside an iridescent puddle. A blue wave of illumination ignites across the chromatic surface. Flames crawl toward the front porch while dry grass combusts near their front porch. A vision of Louwanda fills the void inside my mind as I stare inside that insatiable flame. They ate my family. Now it’s the fire’s turn to have a midnight snack (To Be Continued).

This next treat has a motion picture in its center. The original Creepshow movie depicts a strange story written by Stephen King. Take a look for yourself…if you got the guts.

Do you know what kind of candy this is? Because I don’t. You may want to ask your mommy to check for something that’s not supposed to be there. Inspired by historical New England witches, this poem-lyrical-thing may or may not go down well. Eat at your own risk.

Dark night, summon fright.
Silver light, Devil's might.
That which belongs in hell—
rises above the ground when we cast our spell.
...Wanna hang with the witches? Click here!

Here’s a handful of Halloween flavored photographs, which may give your eyes a stomach ache.

There you go, that’s all I got. Please save your Angel Soft TP for somebody else. Thank you and have a wonderful night.

Want more candy? Go to Poet Rummager’s place!

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3 thoughts on “Halloween 2022: Fun-sized Variety Pack

  1. If I still went trick or treating, I’d definitely stop at your house! Man, if your post was candy, it would be a king-sized Hershey’s bar. Fun and fully packed!! Outstanding! Five skulls 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 and three aliens👽 👽 👽

    I forgot it was Stephen King who was the actor in the meteorite episode!

    Liked by 1 person

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