Hanging with the Witches

Shhh…take some early Halloween candy. Sink your plastic fangs into this lyrical creation inspired by historical New England witch trials. Watch out. Don’t let your neighbors see you park that broomstick in the garage, or the last necklace you wear might be made from rope.

Go where the midnight moon glows,
feel cold earth under your toes.
Beyond where they lay the living to rest,
take the hand of shadows dancing in the forest.

Dark night, summon fright.
Silver light, Devil's might.
That which belongs in hell—
rises above the ground when we cast our spell.

Branded a liar,
set on fire.
Deny your trial,
add more weight to the pile...
...press your bones... 
...with heavy stones.
Old woman who lives outside of town,
tie her up—see if she'll float or drown.

Can't escape God's judgement and suspicion,
or the people's accusation and persecution.
We never believed any of that,
hang us and you may be visited by a black cat.

Here we are, alive when the midnight moon glows.
There they are, spreading hollow rumors below the gallows.
Conjoined by an unholy union, promised another chance,
let's join hands and show everyone our last forest dance.

Written by –FlyTrapMan–

Want more bite-sized candy? Hop on your broomstick and fly to Poet Rummager’s place!

Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

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