The Future Looks a Little Like the Past

What’s going on? Long time, no see. Earth is going to hell in a hand basket, so I may as well give you an update while the glaciers still exist. For the record, no, I’m not pushing up daisies. Sorry for your disappointment.

Changes Nobody Asked For

You may have noticed the different domain. Long story short: A technical complication, which I caused, encouraged me to change my website domain.

Good. Great. Fantastic. We got those annoying formalities out of the way.

Everything is not in order, though. You’ll notice errors, strange things, odd blob creatures, and more. Try to ignore my odd blob creatures. They help me.

Soon you’ll see a behind-the-scenes view of current photographic experiments and creative concepts.

You’ll also still encounter my unusual variety show: free-form nonsense, no budget “films”, tips you never asked for, dating advice, and other shit.

Sound enticing? Stock up on sunblock and Vaseline. You’re gonna need it.

A Quick Glimpse of the Future

Got a minute to waste? Take a quick gander at this.

What’s the minimum amount of light needed for glass to remain visible? Don’t know? Well, neither do I. I’m trying to figure that out. Obviously.

Let’s take a look at another quick one.

Eat me

…Hungry? Most of you have stuffed your piehole with this type of food. Many times. You’re looking at a piece of pasta, just in case you’re baffled and mortified.

In other words: not much has changed.

You’ve seen this all before. Future posts will look more slick because I care about each and every one of you. If you’re going to come here and waste your time, damn it, you may as well be comfortable.

That’s enough. Let’s not spoil your dessert.

Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

8 thoughts on “The Future Looks a Little Like the Past

  1. That looks like a pasta octopus! I’ve heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster before, but I was never a true believer until now. 🤯 I am shaken to the core! Shaken and stirred…. must sit down.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Paula! Nice to hear from you. 95% chocolate would make my head spin. I currently have Madagascar heirloom chocolate (80%), and it’s quite bitter. I’ll try to get some shots!


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