Talkin’ Smack: Welcome to the Future


Innovation is our rocket propulsion. We’re on a collision course with the future. Prepare for impact.



Welcome to the future—it’s not going to last.

Are you paying attention? Present moment is now the past. We’re movin’ way too damn fast.

Plugged in. Tuned in.

Data has been packed—

you’re now ready to be mentally hijacked.


Zip zap, can’t awaken from my electrical nap.

Bleepity bloops, forgot to install antivirus software. Whoops.

Can’t listen to logic or reason—my system must be on mute.

Please hold the power button and perform a forced reboot.


Need to run more programs,

can’t process the glitz or glam…

…it’s time to upgrade my outdated RAM.


We all serve the Technological Lord,

connected everyone’s brain to the immortal motherboard.

Our eyes see in 5-D vision,

the quantum computer calculates the final decision.


No longer movin’ at the speed of who’s right—

we’re cruisin’ far past the speed of light.


If you wanna be considered rad,

stand in line and pay for that phone or doodad.

Convinced by ads or subtle coercion,

the next minute they invented an upgraded version.


Advanced cybernetics, ha…that’s what little kids do for kicks.

We’re not confined in the ‘Matrix’.

This ain’t no blockbuster action flick, starring Keanu Reeves.

Take a look outside—the landscape is all metal, and our trees no longer need leaves.


Blame it on artificial intelligence,

we’re the victim of robotic vengeance.


Fight back and upload this rhythm,

Or be controlled by the mathematical algorithm.


Remember this—

the only thing that matters is clicks or hits,

when everything is made from pixels and bits.





FTM Smack Talk

–MC Saltine–

Debut album release date: Someday


 ** Welcome to the Future **




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