Talkin’ Smack: Fake News


Ignore those pretty faces inside the noisy box—it’s just electronic snow and lies surfin’ along the airwaves. Unplug your computer. Turn up that boombox…it’s time to tune into the truth.



You want the truth? Tune into this lyrical master,

or turn on your plasma television—swoon over that sexy newscaster.

Charmed. Alarmed. Disarmed.

Words coming out of their painted face,

lying to the entire human race.


What happened? Did you believe their political ruse?

Tuned in and listened to some bullshit fake news.


Runnin’ for election…


…more like plannin’ for deception.

Got some time to daydream?

Don’t worry.

None of this is permanent.

Let’s perform a mental experiment.

’cause now we’re in the year 2045, and I’m president.

If you wanna get into the states,

slow your roll,

pay the expensive toll,

we’ll think about letting you through the tall gates.


Television is not reality,

and there’s no channel called ‘morality’.


Mesmerize. Terrorize. Realize.

That online article was dumber than the tall guy in ‘The Adams Family’—

everyone called him Lurch.

The editorial staff should have hired Pugsley—he does old school research.


War Machine needs a little more grease,

ain’t nothin’ but fake shit or a hit piece.






FTM Smack Talk

–MC Saltine–

Debut album release date: Someday


 ** Fake News **




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I have no idea what I'm doing.

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