Talkin’ Smack: Five-leaf Clover


Don’t be ashamed of you who are. If you got it, flaunt it. Turn up your boombox—turn down your naysayers, betrayers, and haters. Are you ready? I’ll see you on the streets.



More rare than rare,

’cause I live without a single care.

Here’s what my best friend Sam taught me: I am who I am,

just like it’s said in Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham.


Never pledgin’, that’s why I’m a livin’ legend.

Say what it is,

I’m the top clover boss—

everyone else is just plain ol’ common moss.


Get up, get out,

crowdin’ my field,

move over—

make room for the only five-leaf clover.


If you got beef, admit that you got a problem with your four leaf.

Here’s why they spend that green moolah—I’m more addicting than a tall glass of fizzy Coca-Cola.

Me. Original. No parodies.

More natural flavor than a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.


Go ahead. Yup. Right. Blame it on my genetic mutation,

while I clear my throat,

then address this entire brainwashed nation.

Ahem, listen here, your data is outdated and boring…wait…is this piece of shit mic even working?

You think your biased conclusion is poetic,


go ahead…spread that bitchy ol’ rhetoric—

your words are fiery antagonistic.

And pathetic.


Get up, get out,

crowdin’ my town,

move over—

make room for the only five leaf-clover.


Turn off the lights, I’m darker than Bruce Wayne.

Fly to my batcave, don’t feel like hangin’ with you or that big asshole…

what’s his name?

Oh yeah.



Look at those tears flowin’. You’re cryin’. Can’t handle the painful freestylin’.

Should have stayed home.

Should have stayed under those comfy sheets,

because you can’t handle the truth,

or beats.


Get up, get out,

crowdin’ my world,

move over—

make room for the only five-leaf clover.



FTM Smack Talk

–MC Saltine–

Debut album release date: Someday

 ** Five Leaf Clover **



Track #2 Strange Weirdo

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