Halloween Special: 2018


Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are hunting for artificial flavors and caramel. Bowls of bite-sized chocolate confectionaries keep the undead kids happy, that way they won’t decorate the neighborhood with spoiled eggs or garlands of 2-ply toilet paper. Put on your red devil horns or toss a bedsheet over your head—the spirit of Halloween is gonna possess you. Boo.

If you don’t mind sacrificing 49 seconds of your precious life, press the play button and watch the latest Mr. Bonez episode. The stop-motion animation features a few cinematic slashers (one of them just so happens to be fond of chainsaws!). Don’t forget to fire up the HD quality, my vampiric friend.









Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

11 thoughts on “Halloween Special: 2018

  1. Ha! Masterpiece. The skeleton in the beginning of your cool clip strutted like a badass! Mr. Bonez has a special place in my rib cage. ☠️ He also has such nice furniture! Awesome. Good to see you back!!

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    1. I wasn’t going to post a Mr. Bonez episode during Halloween. I recenty changed my mind, and that’s why the animation was shorter than usual. Mr. Bonez needs comfy furniture…he doesn’t have any skin.

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