Cold Words: Tortured



I make bad choices.

I never think more than once.

Consequences never matter,

until my regret regurgitates and splatters.

I’m a tortured individual.




that’s what my reflection told.

I have no one else to believe,

but myself.

I’m a tortured individual.

No one else to blame,

but myself.

Someone like me needs no enemies,

because I have myself.



Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

15 thoughts on “Cold Words: Tortured

  1. It’s strange that pleasure and pain are really pretty similar. Isn’t that what Frank, the Hellraiser dude, is all about? Lol. Ya, it sucks being human at times, but we all can get over those bumps. It always gets better, bro. 💖

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