No Money Astronomy: Book Cover Reveal


You want to observe the night sky, but you also don’t want to sacrifice your fat piggy bank. Telescopes, eyepieces, binoculars, planetary filters, camera adapters…amateur astronomers use a variety of fancy toys to peek at the universe, however, these fancy toys cost an astronomical amount of cash. Flip through a telescope catalog and you’ll be dazzled by the expensive glass, but there’s just one itsy-bitsy problem—the cost. Some telescopes cost as much as a cheap car, and if you don’t have the funds of a supervillain, well…you’re shit out of luck.

Not anymore.

It’s time to take the night sky back—”No Money Astronomy” gives you a key to break into the celestial vault above your head, and you never have to fork over a corroded penny. The downloadable version is gonna be free! Get ready to fire up your favorite reading device.



Each chapter is also currently available at…but who wants to search for each individual chapter? Certainly not you. The book compiles each chapter which provides an uninterrupted reading experience. “No Money Astronomy” will be somewhat edited, of course.


Cost: FREE

Release Date: Soon


“No Money Astronomy” is only about 8500 words. Read this book while you eat dinner or indulge in your favorite television sitcom. You’ll finish the book before the commercial break, and your hungry noggin will be filled with scrumptious information. The book teaches you how to observe the night sky without any fancy optics or gear. All you need is the squishy optics plugged into your pretty face.

Don’t sacrifice your piggy bank! Instead, read “No Money Astronomy”.




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13 thoughts on “No Money Astronomy: Book Cover Reveal

  1. I would also suggest finding your local astronomy club. The US has hundreds all over the country. You can attend their public events for free and share the equipment of the club or members. My club’s public dates are posted on our site, and are open to the public. This is true for all the clubs I am aware of in the NYC area.


  2. Good for you, Mr Fly. Whenever I make an effort , a cloud spoils my fun…Even this year, not a cloud in sight for months…venture to special moon watching spot…clouds spoil fun and parking ticket in the process…The stars were against me!!

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