Nocturnal Nightmares: Chapter 2


You retreated into the woods, and your friend is probably dead. The squishy stuff on your shoes could be blood, mud or both. The woods never tell their secrets. Alone. Lost. Hopeless. Find a way to survive until morning, or nocturnal nightmares shall forever keep you awake at night.



Sometimes making a decision is the hardest choice. Fear wraps its cold hands around your shivering bones—strike your courage as if it were your last piece of flint, and ignite the ember that sets your will to live on fire. When it’s dark outside, the only light comes from within.


  • Stay still (3 votes)

  • Retreat further into the woods (3 votes)


Both choices influenced the outcome of “Nocturnal Nightmares: Chapter 2”. A new poll is also available (located at the bottom of this post).



You Choose the Horror Adventure


  1. Read chapter 2

  2. Locate the poll (at the bottom of the post)

  3. Vote


Each poll has 3 separate choices. Pick your choice and then participate in the poll. The choice with the most votes will dictate the fate of the next chapter.



When the shadows start to move, that’s when you know you’re in trouble. Darkness doesn’t have a shape. Imagination sculpts the void like clay. I don’t know what’s scarier: the empty realm behind my closed eyelids or the imperceptible night. Something is there…quiet as if it’s a dead autumn breeze—chilled and restless.

My heart’s percussion of mortality deafens me. The feral beat thunders like a vengeful war drum, while I slither inside an insatiable bramble’s prickly maw.

Botanical blades impale the fleshy landscape underneath my eye. If I live to see sunlight, my scars will forever take me back into the woods.

It doesn’t matter how much I bleed—a spark emulated my dry desire to survive. Twigs crunch. Leaves crumple. Trees hiss. I’ll stay warm by my internal fire. A guttural grumble cackles, and a distorted mumble groans as if it’s a yawning oak.

The ground dissolves into a sea of decomposed mossy muck. Now I know what death tastes like.











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