Nocturnal Nightmares: Chapter 1


Fate is in your hands—wrap a leash around the neck of destiny—because you’re making the decisions around here.

“You Choose the Adventure” puts you in control. Yes. You. Get behind the imaginary wheel and navigate these dynamic stories.

Each chapter gives the reader three mind-busting choices: cast a vote and impart your influence upon the horror adventure. Every vote is a stone that sends ripples across the entire pond, and with enough votes, perhaps the ripple will grow into a tsunami which forever changes the landscape of the story.




  1. Read the story
  2. Locate the poll
  3. Read the options
  4. Vote
  5. Simple
  6. Easy
  7. Done






They told us not to go in the woods.

My friend and I heard all the stories. Yup, we sure did and I thought it was bullshit. No one believed the stories that burped out of that greasy cafeteria’s mouth.

He could be dead.

I don’t know…

…there was a scream. No, that’s not right—he sang the song of suffering, and I’ll never be able to forget it. When I place my head on the pillow, I won’t be swept away by my dream’s gentle tide. No. I’ll hear my friend’s song. Those damnable moans, groans, and breaking of bones forever terrorize my soul.

I ran.

Instinct pulled me underneath spindly tree branches, as the low glow of dusk cast shadows upon the dirty forest floor. October’s cold breath soothed the fire inside me. Mud and autumn leaves clung to my shoes. I fear that my friend’s blood has dried on the laces, but uncertainty preserved the tiny piece that kept me human, or I may have dissolved into a permanent nocturnal inhabitant which could never see the light of day.

Old stories rose from my mind’s cemetery and broke through the soft ground of memory.


“…My grandfather said something slaughtered his cows…they didn’t have any heads! Not one. Nope. All gone.”

“…Something ate my neighbor’s poodle…”

“…Have you seen Casey? He’s missing! They say he went into the woods, and his father said he heard Casey beg for help…seven nights straight!”


The darkness of night awakened four-legged curiosities, while an unseen owl hooted a repetitive lullaby, and after a long minute, even they have abandoned me.

But I wasn’t alone.


Voting on Chapter two has ended. You’ll be able to cast a vote after chapter two has been published. Stay scared.





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