Self-help Tactics: Nowhere to Run

You’re fed up and can’t take it anymore. You packed your bags. Don’t have time to say goodbye. That’s all fine and dandy, however, there’s just one problem—you’re carrying to much baggage, and it’s not your lovely suitcases, either. The baggage is tucked deep inside your dark soul. Do you think your environment is the source of all your problems? A true vagabond doesn’t care about expensive luggage, but you insist on carrying a bag full of pricey undies. You’re putting on warpaint and will never step foot on the battlefield. Sure, sure…you may soil your fashionable trousers. Everybody understands that dirty fact, but you can’t escape yourself, especially if your big brain is clogged with demonic sewage. Gross.

You Can’t Runaway From Yourself

Most people believe that their circumstances dictate how they should feel. Those misinformed people are wrong. There are some circumstances that hover above our head like a storm cloud, but if you learn to love the rain, well…there’s nothing to be upset about, right? If a prisoner of war can find peace, why the hell can’t you? You’re probably not stuffed upside down inside a stuffy bamboo cage, otherwise you couldn’t read this article. We seem to exaggerate our specific circumstances and pretend certain situations are much worse than reality of the situation. A false perception may provoke you to pack your bags and then locate the nearest train station. There’s just one problem: you can’t runaway from yourself.

  • Stop Huffin’ & Puffin’

It doesn’t matter how far you travel. An alien can swoop you up and blastoff to the Andromeda Galaxy, but do you wanna know who else is goin’ for the long ride? Your inner demons. You have more important things to worry about than an invasive probe. Turn on your flashlight and examine the dark corners of your soul You’re not gonna like what you find, and that’s to be expected. Introspection reveals the hidden nature of our persistent problems. It’s not enough to locate our inner demons—you have to eradicate them. You can spend the rest of your life understanding the true nature of your problems, but they’ll still lurk within the shadows of your spirit. Take proper action to exterminate persistent negativity. You are what you think. Unresolved issues prevent you from ascending, and ascension is the only way to travel to the stars. A bus ticket can only take you so far. And you wanna know a secret? Every location has a buffet of delicious problems, and you can eat all day long. But it’s not about the location or our circumstances—it’s about the things that stalk the deepest realm of our soul. There’s nowhere to run. Think about it.

  • What’s Your Damage?

Everyone is damaged, however, some people know how to make critical repairs. Were you bullied? Abused? Neglected? Shamed? Ostracized? Pick your poison and create a cure. Unresolved problems never go away, and they’ll morph you into the type of person who you never wanted to become. Personal problems manifest while we’re young. You may not realize the kind of trauma you experienced, that’s why introspection is the light which banishes the shadows of our soul. Do whatever it takes to understand your damage, and then you’ll begin to understand how to make repairs. Unresolved problems morph into inner demons, especially as we grow older. Some demons are more disgusting than others, too. You may feel helpless or discouraged, and that’s okay. You may take a quick glance at a demon and then empty your entire bowels into your fashionable trousers. Nobody wants to wrestle with a giant squid. Courage is the only weapon you need. You’re gonna fail but there’s always another chance to hold your breath and go deep sea diving. You’ll live and learn. Inner demons have weaknesses. Find ’em. Understand ’em. Fight ’em. Eradicate ’em.

Look a Squid In the Eye

Now is the time to put on your diving suit. You’re not getting any younger, but you sure as shit are getting older. When you grow older, demons grow stronger. Don’t buy a train ticket. Stop running away and start fighting.

Turn on your flashlight and illuminate the dark corners of your soul. Watch out for giant squid.

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4 thoughts on “Self-help Tactics: Nowhere to Run

  1. I’m a wrestle the giant squid within me and make the damnedest calamari you ever did crunch on. Then I’ll take all that black squid ink and spray it on a boatload of (al dente) pasta and see if that don’t make you cry for more gourmet crap. I see the light, brother. If you’re faced with a squid, make calamari and black inked pasta. This reminds me of that other popular culinary provoking thought. If you get lemons, make lemonade. But if you want to think outside the box, then go for broke and make a lemon meringue pie.

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