Self-help Tactics: Open Your Window


Is it dark in here, or is it just me? Your dank room is stuffy and it also smells like a rotten skunk. Pee-ew. Do you have an extra clothespin? I’m gonna have to pinch my nostrils shut. Thank you. A dark room demotivates our soul, and also casts an intrusive shadow on our motivation. Who wants to slay goals…if there hamper is full of depressed outfits, or there are dinner plates decorated with crusty substances? Is it pasta sauce? Nobody knows, and that’s a BIG problem. A productive environment motivates people to kick the crap out of their tasks, but a dark environment motivates gross mold to grow. Do you enjoy gross mold? Of course not! Open your window and let in some much needed fresh air.


Find Your Sunshine

It’s time to banish the shadows—crack open your window and let sunshine do what it does best. Your stunted pupils may sting and the fresh air may shock your clogged lungs, however, you’ll also be freed from the tyranny of darkness, and that feels pretty damn good. Go on. Give it a try. Sunshine illuminates your potential. Darkness smothers your potential. You can’t see where your going if…well…you can’t see anything. Literally. And figuratively. Think about it.



  • Open the window

We often neglect to do the simple things…like drinking water. When was the last time you sipped more than 3 cups of water? Don’t lie! The simple things are easy to bully and push aside. That’s how simple problems morph into massive issues, and then the easy things start to bully you. Stop drinking water. Go ahead. See what happens. Sure, sure—you’ll last a day. Or two. Or three. Keep ignoring your thirst and you’ll soon transform into human raisin. An egghead wearing a lab coat may have to impale your dehydrated vein with an IV…over and over again. Why? Because your lazy vein keeps collapsing, that’s why. All you had to do was drink some water. Such a shame. What do you think living in darkness does to your big brain? You’ll become depressed or ponder disgusting thoughts. Negativity warps our spirit, and it’s very tough to bend a spirit back into tip-top shape! Go open your window. Right now.


  • Bask in the light

What do alligators do every brisk morning? That’s right! Alligators bask in sunshine, that way their cold blood can’t prevent them from chowing down on a helpless turtle. Humans are warm blooded, but that doesn’t mean we’re not cold, right? Darkness is chilly. The space between the burning stars is colder than a snowman’s bad attitude, which means space is pretty dark. A snowman melts under the delicate pressure of sunlight, and so will your bad attitude. Take the time to allow the Sun to banish the darkness inside your tarnished soul, or frigid blood will prevent you from taking proper action. Alligators can’t eat anything if they don’t warmup, and neither can you. Remember that.


Banish Your Darkness

It seems too easy to open your window, but simple actions keep us alive, just like chugging water. We expect everything to be difficult or complex. Sometimes the simple things take care of our basic needs, however, it’s difficult to maintain the easy things. Consistency keeps you on the warpath. Keep opening your window, just like you keep drinking tasty water. You’ll absorb the benefits of being nourished by sunlight.



Go absorb some sunshine.











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