Self-help Tactics: Shutoff Your Brain


Sometimes our big brain gets in the way of our transcendence. We may feel like doing something but our crummy thoughts derail our motivation. Past experience anchor us in place—convincing us to never try something new. Shame. Regret. Fear. Pick your poison. Our brain can be our best friend or our worst nemesis. Our thoughts dictate who we become, or who we don’t become. You wanna get up and dance, but your boring brain says something like this, “No! You’ll look too stupid. You can’t bust a move. What’s wrong with you, huh? Come on. Get real.” You may be able to do the splits, however, your big brain prevents you from busting a move. Go ahead. Give it a try.



Jump into the Deep End

Shutoff your brain and jump into the deep end. All you have to do…is do. Simple as that. No questions. No thought. No feelings. No fear. No regrets. Just do what you want to do and everything will work itself out. Sure, sure—you may pull a crotch muscle while performing a split, but you’ll survive the learning experience. Hopefully. New experiences grant you strength to try new things, even if you pull a muscle. You’ll have a great time and may start jumping into the deep end…without the fear of drowning, or bustin’ your noggin.


  • Find the kill switch

There’s a kill switch somewhere inside your big brain. Find the kill switch and shut the damn thing off. The electrical charge is short-circuiting your inspiration and desire to try new endeavors. If you want to realize your full potential, shutoff your brain—it’s as simple as that. Don’t think about anything…just do whatever comes to mind. Never allow your big brain to override your sexy desires. You’re the only person who’s holding yourself back. Psyching yourself out is no fun. Do you have a hidden desire to belch karaoke? Start a business? Wrestle a fat bear? What are waiting for? Wait. Hold on. Do you hear that? Shhh…time is ticking. Regret is powerful enough to wilt flowers. Sad. Very sad. Don’t allow yourself to become a wilted flower.


  • Hit the Kicker Ramp

A skateboarder does not ponder about wiping out. The mere thought of wiping out will cause them to hesitate, and hesitation causes everyone to wipe out. You won’t give it your all—a half-ass effort grants you a free plane ticket to visit Pain Town, and nobody likes to visit Pain Town. It’s okay to fail and make mistakes, but it’s not okay to put less than all effort into an endeavor or project. You can’t just twiddle your toes in the deep end, either. Forget about the fashionable life jacket. There might be a hungry shark in the water, however, you don’t have time to think about hungry sharks, right? Exactly. Even if you somehow manage to get bit by a hungry shark, guess what? You’ll learn from the nasty experience and then make smarter choices. You only have one life to live. Hit the ramp and see what happens. Leave your helmet at home.


Nobody Needs A Brain

Brains are overrated. We think we’re so smart and clever, but we can’t seem to understand that time is ticking away. Now is the time to locate your kill switch. Sift through your brain wrinkles—you never know what you’ll discover. Kill switches have a variety of forms, so it’s your duty to recognize your self-imposed limitations. Prospect your past events (or memories) and discover if there’s an underlining problem which unifies your self-imposed limitations.


Never let your brain tell you what to do.











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7 thoughts on “Self-help Tactics: Shutoff Your Brain

  1. Hmm. Turning off the brain is something I have yet to learn to do well. As a poet, you’d think allowing the heart to lead would be a piece of cake. I think the brain is really just an asshole.

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  2. I know where you are coming from , Mr Fly, your brain can be your best friend but more often your biggest foe…I am in the category of heart over ruling brain but…with hindsight that has not stood me in great stead…got me into lots of tricky and painful situations…now I have gone the other way ….letting my brain guard my actions…result: little action!! finding midway twixt the two is one of the hardest things in life as I understand it. xx

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