Self-help Tactics: Way of the Warrior


There’s nothing more sad than aimless souls. No direction. No courage. No dedication. Aimless souls drift from one moment to the next—a limited perspective that shuns them from true enlightenment. All of use participate in a battle, from the moment we open our eyes, to the moment we close our eyes. The battle is called “life”, and aimless souls choose to be pathetic cowards. Aimless souls blindly accept worthless ideas which were force fed to them…ever since their weak heart started to beat a worthless tune.


Sharpen Your Dull Katana

You’re a warrior and don’t even know it.

The Bushido Code was a set of 8 rules which dictated how a samurai approached life and death. Defeat was never an option. Samurai shunned disgraceful actions, and would rather jam a sharp sword into their soft belly. If a samurai believed their enemy would capture or kill them, well…death was the only option, and they often preferred to bite the big one. Shame and disgrace hurt more than being sliced open by their own short sword. The modern world is full of disgrace, however, people don’t understand the consequences of their mundane actions. Sure, sure—many people don’t engage in civil warfare, or duel foreign invaders. But how many people participate in activities that they don’t truly believe in? How many people turn a blind eye toward hurtful insults? How many people lack courage? How many people refuse to acquire insight? A samurai would chop your soul in half…if you looked him (or her) the wrong way, and they wouldn’t have a problem sleeping, either. Watch out.

  1. Justice

  2. Courage

  3. Mercy

  4. Politeness

  5. Honesty

  6. Honor

  7. Loyalty

  8. Self-control




  • Learn to serve

Samurai believed in a higher purpose—they served their lord and never doubted their actions. You need to find a purpose that’s higher than yourself. Your purpose should resonate with your heart. Quit your shitty job and find another profession that’s congruent with your higher beliefs. Anything less would be considered dishonorable. Do you remember how a samurai dealt with dishonor? Exactly! Wait. Hold on. Please don’t jam a short sword into your soft belly, that would be gross. If you can’t find a purpose, learn to serve yourself and never compromise. Be your own lord.


  • Forge your sword

A master swordsman knows when to unsheathe their blade. Be aware of situations that demand you to uphold your honor, or incidents that insult your higher purpose. People will seek you out and demand to duel. Instead of fighting with swords, they fight with unworthy criticism. The edge of their sword is sharper than steel—their forged words are designed to slice your spirit, or kill your dedication. Learn to fight back and develop skills which maintain your inner peace. You don’t need to use deadly force. Sharpen your words or actions, and never accept someone’s limitation. When push comes to shove, slice ’em! Just don’t hurt anyone. Pretty please? Thank you very much.



Life Is Like A Cherry Blossom

There’s a beginning and an end. A true warrior understand this principle, and so do you. A cherry blossom tree blooms during the springtime, but the flowers are fragile. All it takes is a single storm—harsh winds separate flowers from the tree. Here one second and gone the next, just like life. Now is the time to discover your true purpose. Never let your katana become dull. Never surrender to ideas that you don’t believe in. A stormwind is coming for all of us.


Are you ready to serve? I’ll meet you on the battlefield.






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