Self-help Tactics: Stay Pissed


Anger is the only alarm clock you need, and it doesn’t have a snooze button. The alarm clock which sits by you bed is forever motivated to ring, but it’s not your motivation. You hate it when that annoying clock tell you when to wake-up, that’s why the snooze buttons exists, right? Punch the button and delay the day. Still don’t feel like getting up? Uppercut the snooze button. We all know what happens when we elbow drop the snooze button, though. Sure, sure—it feels great…for about 2.5 nanoseconds. What happens next? You start to anticipate the alarm clock’s loudmouth, and that means you’re really not resting. If half of your big brain is preoccupied with listening to a loudmouth alarm clock, well…you’re just snuggling with procrastination.



I like My Anger Sunny-Side Up

Anger keeps you hungry. Do you sit around when you’re hungry? Or do you chow down on some tasty grub? You don’t smack the snooze button when you’re stomach has a desire to shake, rattle and roll. You do what you have to do, and that may involve busting open a whole carton of eggs. Or not. Perhaps you burn a few pieces of toast, or swig a bowl of oats. You find a solution to the immediate problem. Procrastination doe’s not taste too great, and it also lacks antioxidants, fiber or vitamins.



  • Ignite your anger

Everyone has a bundle of kindling somewhere inside their soul. Kindling is combustible material: dry leaves, sticks, moss, grass, forest debris and other material which is easy to light on fire. You may not have dry leaves tucked inside your soul, however, everyone has a reason to be angry. Find your kindling and light it on fire. The combustion of your anger grants you motivation to conquer your fears, goals, worries and doubts. Never again listen to your loudmouth alarm clock. Ignite your anger.


  • Smiling is not allowed

Don’t you dare crack a pretty smile! It’s time to get serious, my friend. It’s all fun and games until someone loses their focus. Don’t lose your focus! There’s a time for jumping on the bed, and there’s also a time for gathering kindling. Don’t lose your drive! Keep up the momentum—toss a gallon of gasoline on your anger. Your spiritual fireplace will transform into a bonfire. Keep throwing your kindling into the flame’s gut. You’ll feel the glorious burn, and you know what? Burning feels fantastic. Give it a try. The tiniest smirk extinguishes the flame inside your spirit. Remember that and you’ll become a true pyromaniac….just don’t burn the place down, okay? Thank you.



Gather Your Kindling

Toss your goals, fears, and doubts into your spiritual fireplace. Strike your motivation like a sulfur match. While you’re at it…go ahead and toss your loudmouth alarm clock into the fireplace, too. Let that useless snooze button melt into a puddle of cheap plastic. There’s no more excuses to snuggle with your adorable procrastination. Anger grants you a special tingling feeling—and when you feel the burn—rise before the Sun banishes the fading dawn. Anger is now your alarm clock.


Is it getting hot in here…or is it your spiritual fireplace?













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8 thoughts on “Self-help Tactics: Stay Pissed

  1. I woke up this morning to an alarm. It jostled me out of my sleep, and my alarm clock hasn’t even rang! Lol. Waking up before the real alarm sounds is a huge pain in the ass!

    Your powerful and heated writing makes me want to explode the way overcooking a bowl of oatmeal does in a microwave! Globs of gooey stuff stuck all over the place. Ha! Maybe I’ll just burn my breakfast this morning…

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  2. Excellent post…most of us do not quite know what to do with our anger…it just sits within and festers until it explodes at possibly too high a decibel for the crime shock horror, so the whole sequence starts again..unless you interfere somehow!!!

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    1. You’re right — anger can be a gift or a curse, but it’s up to the individual to focus their aggression toward a particular goal or achievement, and not let it fester.


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