Infinitesimal Reality: Frosty Forest


Brrr! Put on your cozy earmuffs and get ready to shiver—we’re going on an itsy-bitsy expedition. No need to worry about icebergs or polar bears, because they don’t fit inside an infinitesimal reality. Shrink real low and let’s explore a frosty forest.

Tiny, cold and delicate—frost sprouts like frigid saplings. A glass window becomes a field of minuscule trees and translucent leaves.

A transitory existence: banished by warmth or a plastic scraper.


…who wants to put their life on hold and admire frost? We have shit to do, right? Stuff the key in the ignition and let the car breathe its balmy breath. Don’t worry. Windshield wipers get rid of the leftovers. The plastic scraper reaches all the right places, too.



The mosaic above this sentence is a composite of seven frames, but they don’t quite fit together. The stitched photograph provides a larger context, though. Each image is a fragment that can’t encapsulate the grander reality, and each frame is about the size of your pinky nail.



This is not my first time photographing frost, but If you think it’s easy photographing the cold stuff, well…go ahead and pat yourself on the back! Because you’re wrong. The previous photographs were less sharp, and the depth was also shallow. Some of the detail near the photographic frames may appear to be blurry—that’s the reason why the previous photographs were less sharp—the 50mm secondary macro lens wasn’t properly aligned, and that caused the corners not to be in focus.

Truth be told: some of the corners are still a little blurry. Damn it.



The jagged shards look like a frosty forest. Branches grow along the glassy field, just like the limbs of a pine tree. You can see the tree-like structures toward the upper left part of the frame. “Branches” converge, and then individual shards eventually interlock. Tiny pieces of ice which create larger pieces of ice.


…where do we draw the line between frost and ice? Afterall—when does frost cease being frost? When it starts to lose its distinct patterns? Or is it ice all the way down?



The next time you scrape the cold stuff off your car windows—remember to appreciate the frosted forest you chopped down…

…if you’re not too much in a hurry.



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18 thoughts on “Infinitesimal Reality: Frosty Forest

  1. Can you see the forest from the frost? Hmm. I wonder what cold loving creatures live within those icy branches? Your amazing macro shots have stirred my imagination. Did you enhance the colors? The blue is electric! Is it difficult to keep your hands steady to take photos when it’s cold outside? Do you ever use hand warmers inside your gloves?

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    1. Image contrast was increased quite a bit, so the colors may appear more vibrant. I didn’t change color tone or saturation. The photographs were originally going to be monochrome. I used a tripod and timed exposure. My hands weren’t holding the camera. No hand warmers, just gloves.

      Stirred your imagination? I have a feeling things are gonna get a little frosty!

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      1. Monochrome would make the shards much more apparent. I’ll make a few monochrome versions, though.

        Ha, Frosty doesn’t have to worry about melting…at least for now.

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      2. Oh, really? You’re a monochrome magician! I looooove icy shards. Will you also make turtles on top of turtles appear?

        Frosty has a nice icicle, so it would be a pity if he melted. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Frost is difficult to photograph with my reversed-coupled macro lenses. I had to shoot at f/32, and the exposures were about 15-10 seconds long. Kind of awkward.


    1. The colors are quite cool! Literally. I think this is my third year photographing macro frost…and I’m still learning. The image quality could be better. But it’s the best I have. So far. Pop the corn!


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