Shaolin Kung Fu Master

Two fists of steel. Twirl with primal grace.

Five knuckles bust your ugly face.

Go ahead. Run. Retreat. Flee.

I’ll unleash my fiery chi.

Sway like a crane. The answer is balanced denial.

Swipe those fingered claws—counter with Tiger style.

Bruises swollen and blue,

feel the painful power of mystical Shaolin kung fu.

Forceful pressure stands no chance.

Try standing 3 hours in horse stance.

Learn to regret the fights you pick,

or get knocked out by a flying butterfly kick.

Hide behind sharp steel. Laugh.

I’ll still kick your ass with a simple wooden staff.

Keep all your blood. None needs to be shed.

Can’t teach a life lesson to someone who’s dead.

Everything is a form of instigation.

Shrug it all off. Perform mindful meditation.

Open your closet and toss out all that shitty junk,

live your life as a peaceful warrior monk.

Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

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