Time Killer

Ticktock, ticktock,

that’s the sound of my loudmouth clock.

Digital numbers pushing, bullying, controlling, telling me to be on time,

Relax and I’ll tell ya what inspired the crime.

Seconds, minutes, hours—none of it ever mattered to me,

So I went on a time killing spree.

Weeks, months, years…all gone—it just had to be.

Drive-by stomped an innocent wristwatch with my lethal shoe,

that’s when a little bird told me I was cuckoo.

Supposed to be in class. Nope. No way. Not gonna happen. Just sat their on my lazy ass and earned my master’s degree in chill—

because I had way too much time to kill.

Two hands goin’ round n’ round,

Same old, same old story. Forever. Never profound.

Morning alarm buzzed and awoke my mental concussion.

Solution: hit the snooze button.

Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

13 thoughts on “Time Killer

  1. A timeless message given just in time. You can never be too timely when it comes to time. Perhaps with thyme on your snooze button as it may hide that much valued sleep stretching inducer.

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      1. If you have to get up early in the morning, do you set your phone or a clock? I haven’t had an alarm clock in years. My cell is so easy to set, and I can choose a variety of tunes to wake up to.

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