Darkness in the Daylight: 2017 Solar Eclipse

Daylight turned into darkness—the Great American solar eclipse shutoff all the lights. People all over America lost a little bit of sunshine, and if you were one of those people, please blame the Moon! The cosmic event inspired lunatics to stare at a blazing ball of fire, however, not everyone was able to observe the full solar eclipse.

A partial solar eclipse was also visible to those who didn’t reside within the path of totality.

A Total Eclipse of the Clouds

The clouds were a pain in the cosmic ass, of course. Moments of clarity didn’t last long, and…don’t tell anyone this…I forget to charge my camera battery. The battery didn’t have much juice. Maybe it was 50% full. Perhaps 45% full. Who knows. Recording HD footage (or constantly using the ‘live view’ function) sucks up all the electric juice. There wasn’t enough juice to last the entire event, and since the clouds made it impossible to record every second, I shutoff the camera every five minutes. Lessons learned: charge your damn batteries.

Wildlife is supposedly sensitive to solar eclipses. The grasshoppers and cicadas didn’t seem to notice anything unusual, though. Daylight was less intense during certain parts of the solar eclipse. Six-legged creatures have better things to do with their time. Apparently.

Wait. Hold on.

The clouds ruined your view, right? Don’t worry! Press the play button and watch the partial 2017 solar eclipse! You don’t even have to worry about melting your eyeballs. Pop a bag of popcorn, crack open your favorite carbonated elixir, and then watch the show. The movie is just as good as watching the real thing. Not really. Close enough, though.

The Moon Has a Big Disk

The disk of the Moon passed in front of the Sun, however, alignment wasn’t perfect, and that’s why it looks like something very BIG took a bite out of the Sun.

Sunlight wasn’t able to illuminate the opposite side of the Moon. Obviously. The entire partial eclipse lasted longer than a few hours. The eclipse approximately started at 1:24pm (EST), and approximately ended at 3:59pm (EST). Many fictional stories falsely portray eclipses as being quick events, however, many tasks can be accomplished during an eclipse—there’s plenty of time to save the day. Don’t be fooled.

A jumbo jet eclipsed the Sun…during an eclipse. I wish I could say it happened on purpose, but, no, that’s what happens when luck and preparation get along with each other.

The image is a single video frame which was taken from the solar eclipse movie. The juxtaposition of a jumbo jet and a shadowy astronomical world proves that Earthlings are not scared of heights.

Three similiar solar eclipses are currently scheduled:

The next similar Great American solar eclipse occurs on April 8, 2024. The path will be different, though. If you happen to live in the path of the next solar eclipse, be ready! You won’t receive another chance to let the Moon rob you of a little sunshine.

Telescope / Accessories / Notes

Telescope: Orion 4.5″ catadioptric

Camera: Canon Rebel T5i (prime focus)

Filter: Orion glass solar filter

Weather: Poor (partly cloudy)

Solar eclipse start time: 1:25pm (EST)

Location: CT

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11 thoughts on “Darkness in the Daylight: 2017 Solar Eclipse

  1. Impressive and lovely film. Having used our partial eclipse here due to my stupid work schedule, I was ecstatic that you captured it! I kinda liked the clouds in your film — they made the moon and sun seem like they were smoking. Haha! I guess after their wild tango, what else would they be doing? Amazing jet flyover — you really are the one and only FlyTrapMan. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for watching the solar eclipse movie! It was difficult to film the scenes — the lighting conditions kept changing. I was able to acquire some clean footage, and I suppose that’s better than nothing.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, dear Mr Fly , how I thought about you yesterday…I knew you would be glued to your telescope and in a world of your own, and a happy soul. Stunning photos and we in the UK saw the event on the the box several times during the main new..Wow..it is not a wonder but it feels like it…the moon
    aligned at the perfect distance to block out the sun so beautifully…Stunning.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The weather could have been better. I didn’t think I would be able to see the solar eclipse — the clouds were sporadic and unpredictable. The grasshoppers and cicadas didn’t seem to mind my temporary intrusion. They also didn’t seem to mind the eclipse. I think.

      Liked by 1 person

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