Two Celestial Ornaments


Two celestial ornaments eternally dangle inside this photograph.

A waxing crescent Moon shares the evening sky with Venus—a hellish world about 162 million miles (261 million km) from Earth. The colors of sunset bleeds toward the horizon as a cold blue sky sweeps away the remnants of a dying day. The crescent Moon glows from its tilted orbit above the ecliptic, but the magnitude of Venus can never be ignored.

Paula Graham observed this jealous inducing scene from her patio, and photographed the short lived cosmic event. Venus sets relatively early and the Moon will never be in the same place in the sky during two consecutive nights—its continuous orbit around Earth drags it eastward opposite the Sun (until the Moon reaches full).

Paula’s photograph proves why eclipses only occur during special occasions. You can somewhat see the Moon is titled with respect to the ecliptic. If the Moon’s orbit happened to be aligned with the ecliptic, then we’d experience two eclipses every month. But…we don’t see two eclipses every month.

Why? I’m glad you asked! Because the Moon’s orbit is NOT perfectly aligned with the ecliptic. Duh. Simple. Paula proved it. Sort of.

Interested in ascending nodes? Click here and journey down the rabbit hole.

And another thing.

Venus is, like, ummm, really far away, especially compared to the Moon. We all can agree on that. Despite the mega difference in distance, Venus can still hold its own against the Moon’s radiance. Sure. The Moon is closer than Venus, but doesn’t that make the comparison more impressive? Imagine how bright Venus would be if the planetary goddess were few a million miles closer. You’ll really have to imagine. I’m not intellectually qualified to assert an educated guess. Sorry.

But…I heard through the grapevine that it’s possible to calculate hypothetical apparent magnitudes, using the handy-dandy inverse-square law! But….I’m too lazy. Or stupid. I’ll let you decide.

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4 thoughts on “Two Celestial Ornaments

  1. Absolutely enthralling photograph! Venus and the moon never looked so good. It appears the sky is getting ready for Christmas with galactic ornaments and pinpoints of star light. My sky has never looked so clear and festive this winter! Reading your blog and seeing amazing photographs like Paula’s have really helped open my eyes to the celestial beauty up above. 🎆🎇🌠

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    1. Northern winter constellations are relatively bright, especially compared to summer constellations. Galactic dust actually makes the night sky seem less bright during the summer. I’m glad you’re able to see the beauty of the cosmos!

      Paula’s photograph is astrotastic!

      Liked by 1 person

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