Cyborg Gorilla From Hell

What’s buzzin’, flies?

I apologize for my absence. Just kidding. You should see the look on your face! I know you missed me, but let’s go ahead and calm down. Take an easy. Slow your roll. Hey! I’m going to announce something semi-major relatively soon, and…

…I forgot what I was going to write next. Fantastic. Let’s turn this bitch up to 11—what do you say? Are you in the mood for revenge? Cyborgs? Gorillas? Blood? Yeah. Neither am I.

Just in case you have some time you’re willing to waste, then feel free to sit back. Relax. And go to Hell. I’ll see you soon.

Poachers killed her family. She lusts for revenge and not even the depths of Hell can stop her. Glued together by grotesque technology—and the will to kill—can a mother ignore the blood on her hands? Or will she burn sadly ever after?  

…A table beside her contains complex geometrical shapes. Green lights pulsate around small squared edges as silver wires thread through devices. The lights blink while a lab coat entity traces a fingernail vertically along Gorilla Mother’s cranium. A wound blooms open into a fleshy flower.

The lab coat entity etches a small square within Gorilla Mother’s cranium as wisps of smoke rise to the ceiling. A window into her brain opens, oozing yellowish pus, which drips into tentacles of hanging snot. The lab coat entity picks up a small metal square and lays it upon her brain. The hellish technology cauterizes into place; silver wires bore into the inflamed landscape.

Gorilla Mother’s right arm twitches as a lab coat entity taps the glowing device.

A demonite gathers a severed right arm, and then places it against a purple substance sticking to her scabby stump. As the demonite holds the arm in place, another demonite fits a piece of hellium around her wrist and upper arm. The alloy constricts around Gorilla Mother’s shoulder while her forearm is cauterized by the wires that bind her in a stable levitation…….CLICK HERE & GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!

Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

17 thoughts on “Cyborg Gorilla From Hell

  1. Ah…this is one hell of a story! Definitely loved it. Moreover, I didn’t know that one can link to Smashwords from Wp blogs. That’s one hell of a knowledge as well… 😀

    And, I am following the fly…oh, no…the trap..errmm…the man… 😛

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    1. Thanks for going to Hell — I hope you didn’t get burned!

      The text widget can be used to place links and images within a sidebar, but a code needs to be placed within the text box.

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  2. Amazing, yesterday I was wondering what was up , as the silence your end, was deafining…and there you are in another guise and with another bloody story..I shall read at my leisure… Oh master Fly, your new look is ‘ever so attractive’…On my place, wearing yellow is out, all the insects come and check it out, giving me a little sting in the process…White seems best….but…that is just a golden rule for my side of the water, that will divide us forever.

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    1. I’m still updating my website and working on a secret project. I’ll start posting regularly within a few days.

      I also changed my contact email: (I’m not sure if you were aware of the change)

      Yellow makes people look happy. I hope.


  3. This was one of the first stories I read of yours, and it is something else! Gorilla Mama has a special place in the darkest recesses of my heart.

    Ha! Look at you with your blue saddle shoes and fob chain — what a badass pose! Ah, so fly.

    Flyinator! Lol.

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    1. That’s true — Gorilla Mother From Hell is one of the first stories you read. Hmmm…I think “Don’t Drink The Lemonade” was the first story, right?

      Oh…I don’t know how I appeared in the sidebar! Must be some kind of glitch \”/

      Flyinator: Rise of the Flies — the best. movie. ever.

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      1. You’re right! Don’t Drink the Lemonade was the first story I read; one of my favorites of yours, in fact. Delicious and deadly elixirs are hard to resist. 😃

        Hold on; are you also wearing a turquoise belt?

        Haha! Ah, you’re so funny. I’d watch that movie!

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