Glowing Gibbous


Keyfra Photography kept her eye on the sky and noticed something full of craters—the Moon.


Earth’s ruinous satellite can easily be seen while it’s in a waning gibbous phase, and it tends to be observable throughout the early morning (depending on location). Which means many people are likely to see this particular phase as their taking out the trash or walking their canine to the nearest fire hydrant.


The Moon has two distinct gibbous phases:



Moon (Waxing Gibbous Phase) Image Credit: Keyfra Photography


Remember: If the Moon doesn’t look quite full, but it’s sort of full…then it’s safe to say the Moon is in a gibbous phase. Very scientific. I know.


Click Here & Read Keyfra’s Original Post!


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5 thoughts on “Glowing Gibbous

  1. You can really see the different personalities of the moon in those two fantastic photos.
    I think the top one is the moon being secretive and hiding. The other photo looks like the moon is stubborn and knows it’s daylight but is hanging on for as long as it can. Hmm, I should go write some poems. I’m pretty good, huh?

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  2. It was illuminated nicely around dusk yesterday and I was able to capture some nicely detailed images of it. Lucky cause i dont usually follow the phases or know when the best time to photograph is.

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