Lunar Anomaly: Spacecraft Runway

Oh no…another lunar anomaly was discovered. Apparently. The secret video was uploaded and created by an unidentified individual. Did NASA forgot to delete or manipulate this footage? Let’s climb aboard our imaginary bottle rocket and blastoff to the Moon!

Is the lunar surface really littered with alien artifacts? The universe is pretty very big, and there’s plenty of room for tiny green things lurking in some dark corner of space. Or skinny tall grey things. Take your pick. Big or small—these hypothetical intergalactic vagabonds need a spacecraft runway…otherwise how will they get off the ground, right? Makes perfect sense.


The magical red arrows point toward two popular lunar geological features: Plato Crater (left side of frame) and the Caucasus Mountains (middle frame). But…hold on. Wait a minute.

Do you notice something that’s not supposed to be there?

Take a look very closely.

There’s a straight line cut through the lunar Alpes (Montes Alpes / Vallis Alpes). The feature is unmistakable once you know where to look. Take a peak inside the center of the red circle. Yup. That must be the spacecraft runway…right?

Of course it is! The geological feature is unnaturally symmetrical compared to the immediate surroundings. Let’s take a gander at some more grainy imagery.

There’s no denying it—the spacecraft runway is not a digital artifact or some kind of momentary camera abstraction. The feature is real, and it’s worthy of closer inspection.

The closer we get, the more it looks like some kind of…ummm…spacecraft runway. One thing is for certain: if it is a spacecraft runway, then it’s probably longest runway in the entire universe—stretching beyond 150 km. Who ever was piloting the spacecraft must of been trying to Marty McFly their way to the future, because you need some room to reach 88mph. Otherwise time travel won’t work. Everyone knows that.

There’s an electric eye whipping around the Moon, and chances are good that it snapped a pretty picture of the spacecraft runway. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LROC) is equipped with a high resolution camera, and the satellite was able to record the Apollo 11 landing site—forever proving that humanity truly made its mark on another world.

If LROC has the resolution to record astronaut artifacts, then perhaps other satellites were able to see…different artifacts.

Hold on tight to the reigns of your bottle rocket! We’re about to see some aliens.

Lunar Orbiter 4: Alpine Valley Image Credit: Lunar and Planetary Institute

Huh? Wait. What the hell happened? Where did the spacecraft runway go? Oh. There it is. Turns out the spacecraft runway is really just a massive 166 km (10 km wide) lunar valley. Go figure. The photograph was taken by the Lunar Orbiter 4.

The Alpine Valley, however, still holds many mysteries. Was the Alpine Valley created by the Imbrium impact event 3.85 billion years ago? Perhaps. If the Alpine Valley indeed formed after the Imbrium impact event, then it could be a graben.

…And what about that squiggly central volcanic rille! How the hell is a spacecraft supposed to navigate around the rille while blasting off into the stars? Or coming down from the stars? Totally inconvenient, and probably just a tad bit dangerous.

Lunar Orbiter 4: Alpine Valley Image Credit: Lunar and Planetary Institute

So there you have it.

The spacecraft runway is actually a lunar valley and it does contain real mysteries inside the shadowy realm of a rille, just not the kind of mysteries you were hoping for. Damn. Better luck next time.


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13 thoughts on “Lunar Anomaly: Spacecraft Runway

  1. Loved the pics, which prove something very important; all alien spacecraft are HTOL; I’ve been ranting about this for years but no one will listen because of “alien runways’ on the moon. And the aluminum hat i wear probably isn’t helping either….
    Great post, Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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