A Lunar Ornament Hangs in the Blue Sky


Keyfra once again kept her eye on the sky and captured a surreal moment in time. A waxing gibbous moon hangs like a bruised and battered ornament—flanked by two emerald pine trees. This wide angle perspective offers a hint of destruction: lunar maria (solidified lava plains) appear as black splotchy seas.


Ancient astronomers speculated that the dark areas on the Moon consisted of a fluid: water. They imagined restless seas on the lunar surface. And Lunarian pirates blasting cannonballs at each other. I’m just kidding about the Lunarian pirates…not about the lunar seas, that’s actually true.


Well. Kind of.


We all know the Moon can’t sustain large bodies of water, and that it’s not made out of cheese, and that Lunarian pirates don’t exist (damn!)…so what the hell made the enormous black splotchy spots? Well…Hell did. Kind of. The Moon really did have a sea…of lava. Yeah. That’s right. No one was around to witness the Moon’s Hell phase, but things were different billions of years ago. Go figure.





As you can see—despite the fact that the Moon really doesn’t have any seas—we still designate creative and watery titles to every lunar basalt plain.


Thanks Keyfra! Your photographs inspire our imagination to conjure fantasies about Lunarian pirates blasting cannonballs at each other.


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15 thoughts on “A Lunar Ornament Hangs in the Blue Sky

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    1. It can be difficult to photograph the Moon during the day — it’s very easy to overexpose the sky, or the lunar terrain…or both. Nice job! The sky and Moon are exposed quite well.

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      1. Well I agree with that is hard especially in a very sunny day or in the beach 😩 but i was happy with this pic learning still about the telescope so i can but the lens adapter i dont want to buy it before i master the telescope

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      2. Sometimes the Moon can be close to the Sun during the day, and that can change the dynamics of the scene. The Moon is easier to photograph when it’s further from the Sun in the sky (during the day).

        I highly recommend purchasing a camera sensor blower (if you don’t already own one). Attaching your camera to a telescope might make your sensor a little dirty., especially if you’re using the camera’s live view.

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  2. Gorgeous waxing gibbous moon, Keyfra!

    Wow, I can see the holes from which those lunarian pirates blasted their cannonballs 😀

    Did you hear what happened to the lunarian pirates when they picked on their scabs from their many battles on the moon?

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