Don’t Worry! The Moon Is Just Going Through a Phase


Keyfra kept her eye on the sky and photographed something out of this world—a waxing gibbous Moon! This catastrophic orbital body can take on a variety of forms: new phase, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full, waning gibbous, last quarter, and waning crescent.


What? Did you think the Moon was just sitting up there? Twiddling its craters? Come on. Don’t be silly.


The Moon is in a continuous free-fall around Earth, and its been whipping and swirling around for the last 4.53 billion years. The Moon’s restlessness is expressed by the phases it goes through during a full month.


Why? Because the angle between the Moon, Earth, and Sun changes during a full month—illuminating the lunar territory that happens to be facing toward the Sun.


Here’s a tiny secret: Earth’s Moon doesn’t have a permanent dark side. The far side of the moon is bathed in full sunlight every new phase (once a month), and it spends some time in the night. You know…just like the near side.


The Moon is the embodiment of what it means to be a moon, and every moon in the solar system can thank the moon for being called a moon.


(Reminder: Lunar phases are NOT caused by Earth’s shadow. Sorry.)


Thanks Keyfra! Keep your eye on the sky!


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** Technical Information **


Date: April 15 2016 (9:20pm)

Lens: Canon 75-300mm

Telephoto Attachment: Allure Series 2.2x High Definition


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16 thoughts on “Don’t Worry! The Moon Is Just Going Through a Phase

    1. One of your comments was targeted by my spam filter. I’m not sure why. I had that happen before with another reader, and didn’t realize it until a week passed. I should check my spam folder more often — I apologize!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous moon! Keyfra has the *best* place to showcase her work — right here on your blog. I enjoy how you take such care in presenting moon photographs — the words and links you choose are exceptionally well thought through.

    The Mark Gee silhouette video was amazing! It complemented Keyfra’s photograph.

    My eyes are alight with wonder right now. Crazy, good work, Fly! 🌛 ❤ 🌜

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    1. My words are only as good as the photographs submitted! Hey! You should take a photograph of the Moon! You can use your cellphone.

      I expect a photograph from you very soon! Haha

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    1. Keyfra’s photo came out oh so lovely. There’s always something new to learn about Earth’s Moon!

      Are you a Pink Floyd fan? A Momentary lapse of Reason is a decent album.

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