The Moon Can’t Prevent Forest Fires

The moon ain’t scared of a little fire! Asteroids bashed the lunar surface about 3.8 billion years ago. Molten blood seared the desolate world. Blistering rocks rained, tumbled, and pummeled—countless craters shattered the loony environment.

Keyfra kept her eye on the sky while a local forest fire polluted the sky with smokey pollutants. Did that stop her from taking a lunar portrait? Of course not!

A waxing gibbous moon has a habit of hogging the sky…and it can be seen during the day, evening or night—even if there’s a minor local catastrophe. Or a major local catastrophe. The moon doesn’t care. It was born in a catastrophe.

Thanks for keeping your eye on the sky Keyfra! Don’t get burned.

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21 thoughts on “The Moon Can’t Prevent Forest Fires

  1. Well done , again, Keyfra. I have planned something for this month’s full moon on Tuesday into Wednesday . I need….few clouds…and the determination to be up in the early hours. Here in the Hague, NL ,the weather is rather cloudy just now. Praying to the Gods again.

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    1. Clouds can be a pain at times patience is stronger than the clouds I have learn to just sit and wait for the perfect moment to shoot sometimes i spent more than two hrs sitting with a drink in hand and calm music you be surprise what you get to enjoy

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      1. The clouds ruined my view plenty of times, especially during the transit of Venus. Patience and determination are vital attributes. You seem to be dedicated, and I’m sure that will pay off in the long run.

        Thanks for submitting your photograph! Don’t forget the partial lunar eclipse on March 23!

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      2. I didnt see nothing no moon no nothing 😩 i did my work out at 4am just to be sure I didnt miss it and the moon was no where to see lol i guess i will have to be more patient

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      3. clouds obscured your view? Or did the moon set before you received a chance to observe it? I missed a few lunar eclipses the past few years (due to clouds).


      4. Hmmm…assuming it wasn’t cloudy out, then I’m going to guess the moon was really low on the horizon when the eclipse began, or the moon already set before the eclipse started or finished.

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