Why Is It So Dark In Here?

Unseen nebulous manifestations float between the stars…or underneath your bed. Cluttered closets offer sanctuary to unmentionable entities—and when it’s dark—they come out and play. You heard the creaks. You heard the squeaks…now prepare to shriek.

Dust off that cross and refill your flask of holy water! Don’t forget the garlic. You’re going to need it. Ghosts…vampires…blood tea…a sinister cat: can you survive the night? Wait. Did you hear that? Oh…I’m sure it was just the wind.

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…It was difficult keeping my eyes open, and feeling drowsy, I laid down. My sleep was dreamless and heavy. When I awoke, it was twilight and only the last few rays of the sun drifted through the curtains. There was a faint scratching noise. I sat up; my ears trying to discern the location of the sound. Under the door, against the hall lights, there was a tiny shadow.

Unbeknownst to me, a mouse was on the other side of the door. His tiny, sensitive nose had picked up an aroma of tantalizing scents that made his mouth water. Whatever was giving off the delicious smells, was most certainly behind this barrier. He pushed it with the top of his head and tried scratching his way into the small space underneath.

When I opened the door, a little white mouse ran inside and bolted under the bed. All my life, I’d been scared of mice and rats, but for some inexplicable reason, there was no fright in me at all.

There was a feeling of slight annoyance and something else which couldn’t be defined at that moment. As I sat on the bed, trying to determine what was happening to me, the white mouse appeared near my right ankle. It was sniffing my skin and tentatively bit me. Bending down, I easily grasped it in my hand. It squeaked and wiggled; attempting to escape. For a few seconds, we contemplated each other. My nose picked up a most irresistible scent which smelled like roasted marshmallows. For a split second, I thought the tall man who had brought my tea earlier, had come back with some hot cocoa.

Then it hit me, and my eyes widened with astonishment.

The mouse was what smelled so appetizing. It produced one last squeak before I decapitated its head with my teeth. A small rivulet of blood trailed down my chin as I ate the rest of the mouse.

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10 thoughts on “Why Is It So Dark In Here?

    1. Thanks for watching the trailer! I believe the splatter noise was created with a program. I don’t have the necessary equipment to record quality audio, so I download music and free sound effects: Freesound.org

      If you ever need music or sound effects — I highly suggest checking out that website.

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  1. “Unseen nebulous manifestations float between the stars..,or underneath your bed.”

    You have such a way with words! Unbelievable talent. I’ll have to include a section of “When the Black Cat Stares” in a future post. That’s one of my favorite short stories of yours. Thanks again for always being so FUN to work with! 🌜⭐️ 😘

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