Fuzzy Cosmic Fuzzball



I observed Comet Lovejoy during January 2015—the cosmic fuzzball was within the constellation of Taurus while I made my crude observations. The previous comet I observed was Comet Hale-Bopp (1995).

Atmospheric conditions (seeing) allowed slight detail to be observed through my telescope, however, Comet Lovejoy’s coma was quite discernible (about magnitude 4.5), but it wasn’t too bright. I was not able to see a tail, but a long photographic exposure eventually revealed a subtle one.

Technical issues prevented me from acquiring better photographic exposures (broken mount). Trailing is evident and the focus could of been tuned.

I photographed Comet Lovejoy during a few cold nights in January 2015. The comet’s ethereal tail brightened and so did the coma, revealing the comet’s fuzzy existence.


Comet Lovejoy (Crop)
Comet Lovejoy and Pleadies
Comet Lovejoy and Satellite
Comet Lovejoy Plays Basketball

**Technical Notes**

Date: January 2015

Photographic Telescope: Orion 70mm modular scope

Observing Telescope: Orion Apex 102mm Maksutov

Camera: Canon Rebel XSi

Lenses: Canon EF 100mm macro USM, Canon EF 50mm macro, Canon EF 24mm (prime)

Mount: Orion German Equatorial

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6 thoughts on “Fuzzy Cosmic Fuzzball

  1. I just love your artistic eye taking the shot of the comet appearing to slide into the net… Live all photos and your dedication. I looked for it a few times but…the clouds, the clouds, the storm, the rain…One day. Duct tape; an essential part of an astronomer’s photographic toolbox. xx

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  2. Gorgeous shots! It fascinates me how you can find these treasures in the sky, and a fast moving comet, as well. I really liked the shot of Lovejoy playing basketball!

    When you go out stargazing, what do you pack in your camera bag? What do use the duct tape for? If it’s gonna be a long night, do you pack up snacks and a thermos of coffee to help you stay up? I saw a post once dedicated to this photographer’s bag of stuff he lugged around when he’d go off taking his shots. One of the things he always packed was a rain poncho for his camera (he lives in Seattle, so that makes sense, I guess!).

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    1. Thank you very much! Well…I have two bags — one of my bags contain two cameras, about 6 lenses, and a variety of tools/accessories (duct tape, of course \”/). The other bag contains my telescope and observing gear (eyepieces and such). I use the tape for a variety of purposes — mostly fixing and repairing things, or using it for improvised situations. I usually don’t bring food with me while I’m observing.

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