Infinitesimal Reality: Stained Leaf Window

The microcosm contains gargantuan worlds.

There are imperceptible realities all around us. We are blinded by our own worries or goals: what am I going to eat? Who am I going to marry? Am I making enough money? Will I be fired? Is my wife fucking the gardener? These questions and concerns infect everybody. There’s only enough hours in the day to ponder our own speck of an existence—why consider what’s under our feet?

Take a look at this:

stainedleaf1What do you see?

Green and gold panels of glass blended together…morning light bleeds through the windows, illuminating the scrambled and resplendent structure—a moment of brilliant warmth.

The image represents a minor fraction of an entire leafy landscape. You can fit this reality on top of your thumbnail and still have room for purple polish. The “window panels” are even more minuscule, which I’m unable to articulate their true size.

The jumbled and fractal nature of such a composition may resurrect familiar memories. Do you recall being in church? Maybe a museum? How about a luxurious estate? An antique shop? A castle? All of these places have something in common: stained glass windows.


The above image illustrates the similarities between two realities, bridging a connection between the imperceptible and the macrocosm.

Each individual piece of glass is joined onto one another. Every shape has its own unique geometry, and when light shines through their translucent skin—it comes to life—just like a leaf.

Size is simply a matter of perspective and scale. Our point of view became domesticated and desensitized to subtle landscapes. Mountains humble us. Not leaves. What kind of mountains do fleas climb? The rim of a brittle leaf may as well be a jagged ridge-line. Imagine that same flea perched on-top of a stem, peering across a field of fallen autumn leaves. Wouldn’t the journey take a lifetime? Wouldn’t the adventure be riddled with unpredictable misfortune?

As for windows, the only type a flea can ever appreciate, is the stained leaf variety.

* Image Specifications: Canon Rebel T5i + Canon EF 50mm Macro lens + Canon EF 100mm USM Macro Lens (Reverse-coupled photography)

Stained Glass Window Image Attribution (free commercial use): Pixabay

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12 thoughts on “Infinitesimal Reality: Stained Leaf Window

  1. How do you go from:
    “Is my wife fucking the gardener?” —

    :Green and gold panels of glass blended together…morning light bleeds through the windows, illuminating the scrambled and resplendent structure—a moment of brilliant warmth.”

    You’re like a leaf with two opposite sides… crude and profound.

    “Size is simply a matter of perspective and scale.” I totally agree. If size were measured by intelligence and talent, you’d be over ten feet tall. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww…shucks…just ten feet tall? I think I would be at least 11 feet tall.

      Wait! No: 11.5 feet tall. Definitely…well…let’s make it an even 11.8 feet tall, okay? Yeah. That works. \”/

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good post, my dark friend. I am well aware that our world goes on and on at the small side of things, diminishing continually, until we come to the tiniest of things and creatures, until we cannot discern anything anymore and then it still goes on. Mind Boggling indeed. True, it seems to make our worries pale into insignificance but that does not lessen how WE experience things..i.e I still fret over what to eat, and whom to marry!! Hope my rambles make sense, probably less so than your excellent post xx.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At the scale of the absolute tiniest things (atoms) — they mostly consist of empty space — which means we’re mostly empty. The perception of being solid is an illusion cast by the electromagnetic repulsion of like-charged particles.

      I know what you mean: our experiences help sculpt who we are, and what we become, which makes our choices quite significant.


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